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Updates to Catalog - Columbus State University

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Updates to Catalog

Updates to Catalog
Date Change Made Description of the Change
09/11/08 Changed "school system" to "school/system" in EDUL course titles and descriptions.
09/05/08 Corrected prerequisite course number for SOCI 4899.
08/14/08 Deleted BA in Mathematics and Secondary Education degree program.
08/14/08 Added BS in Mathematics-Secondary Education Track
08/14/08 Updated the COS Department of Math information.
07/22/08 Updated the Housing Fees section with 2008-2009 information.
07/21/08 Updated the Tuition and Fees section with 2008-2009 information.
04/29/08 Added Artist Diploma and TESOL special certificates.
04/17/08 Deleted NURS 4276 from BS in Nursing, Area G for Pre-licensure students.
04/09/08 Corrected the course number for EDAT 6226.
04/09/08 Corrected the course description for CPSC 4125.
04/06/08 Updated the prerequisite statement for ARTS 4237.
04/03/08 Updated the Mission statement for the Nursing Depart.
04/03/08 Changed prerequisite statement for SOCI 3225.
03/27/08 Modifications made to TSYS Computer Science Department information.
03/24/08 Modifications made to BS in Information Technology degree.
03/20/08 Updated Faculty.htm removed resigned staff.
03/19/08 Corrected title and course description for CPSC 1105.
03/12/08 Added BS in Information Technology degree.

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