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Advisory Board - Columbus State University

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Academic Affairs

Advisory Board

The QEP Advisory Board serves as an advocacy and decision-making body to steer the implementation of the We Solve It! Initiatives. The membership consists of representatives from each academic college, community, student affairs staff, and staff.

The Advisory Board meets monthly and its primary duties are:

  • Reviewing proposals of We Solve It! Project Grants and Course-based Stipends;
  • Assisting the QEP Director, as requested, in making decisions regarding implementation of initiatives (such as selecting guest speakers);
  • Facilitating communication between the campus community and the We Solve It! leadership and serve as advocates of We Solve It! Initiatives; and
  • Selecting recipients for We Solve It! awards.
Dr. Erinn Bentley

Dr. Erinn Bentley

Position: Professor / Assistant Director, CGE
Office: Frank Brown Hall 3311
Phone: 706-507-8513
Discipline: English Education
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Dr. Rania Hodhod

Dr. Rania Hodhod

Position: Professor / Edwin and Florette Rothschild Chair
Office: Synovus Center for Commerce & Technology 454
Phone: 706-507-8181
Discipline: Artificial intelligence, machine learning, serious games, interactive narrative and computational creativity, computer science education
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Susan Hampel

Ms. Susan Hampel

Position: Assistant Principal
Office: Hardaway High School
Phone: 706-662-5124

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