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International Educator of the Year Award - Columbus State University

Academic Affairs

International Educator of the Year Award

Columbus State University recognizes and rewards faculty and staff members who have made significant contributions to the university’s internationalization and to the international learning outcomes of our students. Nominees must be current and active CSU faculty or staff members who have been employed at CSU during the whole of the previous calendar year. This award is presented annually at the Faculty and Staff Recognition and Excellence Awards Ceremony.

CSU International Educator of the Year Award, 2019-2020

Rania Hodhod

Dr. Rania Hodhod, Assistant Chair/Associate Professor
D. A. Turner College of Business

Dr. Hodhod has made a tremendous contribution to Columbus State University and has advanced our mission at all levels, but particularly in the area of international education.  She motivates and inspires students and is a faculty member who truly makes an impact.  One of her greatest strengths is bringing her own international experiences to the classroom. Dr. Hodhod’s students are challenged to see the world in different ways, and her real-world examples are invaluable to students who have yet to experience the world.  Not only does she organize and run study abroad trips, she focuses on students’ experiences. True immersion in the culture is her goal and she achieves that through home dinners, building friendships, and taking classes with local students.

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