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CSU Faculty Research & Scholarship Award - Columbus State University

Academic Affairs

CSU Faculty Research & Scholarship Award

The purpose of this award is to recognize outstanding efforts by faculty members in research and scholarship. The award is meant to celebrate the value of these activities, particularly for their role in contributing to the faculty’s intellectual growth. It implicitly recognizes the role of research and scholarship in the enhancement of a faculty member’s teaching and service capabilities. This award is presented annually at the Faculty and Staff Recognition and Excellence Awards Ceremony.

2019-2020 CSU Faculty Research & Scholarship Award Winner

Markus Weidler

Dr. Markus Weidler, Assistant Professor
College of Letters and Sciences

Dr. Weidler has done much to enhance the scholarship at CSU. His research portfolio is quite impressive, covering the intersection of theology and politics. In the past seven years, Dr. Weidler has published a book, Heidegger's Style: On Philosophical Anthropology and Aesthetics and a book chapter, "Daring to Be Grateful: Robert C. Solomon on Gratitude in the Face of Fanaticism" in Passion, Death, and Spirituality: The Philosophy of Robert C. Solomon. In addition to these phenomenal works, Dr. Weidler has also published six double-blind, peer-reviewed articles in top tier journals, such as the International Journal of Religion and Spirituality in Society, and the Journal for Cultural and Religious Theory. He also published an encyclopedia article, "Induction," in The SAGE Encyclopedia of Communication Research Methods. Finally, he uses his expertise and skill to review others' works, completing three reviews in the past seven years.

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