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Grade Appeal of WF or W - Columbus State University

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Grade Appeal of WF or W

Students wishing to drop a course after the last official day of the schedule change period must officially withdraw from the course through CougarNet. Prior to the W grade deadline, as listed on the CSU website, a grade of W will be assigned by the registrar unless the instructor has already assigned a WF grade for excessive absences. A student initiating a withdrawal after the published deadline will automatically receive the grade of WF. A student may appeal the WF grade if documentation of non-academic hardship is provided.

Students may not withdraw from a required learning support course with a grade of W while remaining in degree-level courses. For a learning support student to remain in degree-level courses, the learning support withdrawal grade will be WF and will count as a learning support attempt. Refer to the CSU website for specific dates and additional information regarding course withdrawals.

The procedure for processing this kind of appeal follows:

  • With the advisor's help, the student should fill out the Grade Appeal Form and include any documentation that may help the Academic Standards Committee reach a decision.
  • Because appeals are scanned, the student should not staple the form, explanation, and documents together but should use a gem clip or binder clip to secure them.
  • The student should not write on the backs of any pages or submit documentation with information on both sides of the page.
  • The advisor should then send the completed form and supplemental information to the department chair, who will in turn send the appeal to the dean, who will in turn send it to the Registrar, who will in turn give it to the Chair of the Academic Standards Committee.
  • The petition will then be considered by the Academic Standards Committee.

Grade Appeal Form (Word)

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