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Resetting Your OneCSU Password - Columbus State University

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University Information & Technology Services

Resetting Your OneCSU Password

OneCSU is your login to many campus resources. Your OneCSU credentials are used to access MyCSU, email, CougarVIEW, computers on campus, and more.

You will be prompted to reset your password every 365 days since your previous password reset.

Reset Your Password

In order to reset your password, you must use our password reset portal. Using the link below, you will be asked to enter your username.

Reset Your OneCSU Password

Resetting Your Password for the First Time?

In order to reset your password, you will need to first register with our self-service password reset to set up your security questions and answers. Please visit our self-service password reset page to get started. Your username will be in the format listed in the notice above.

Password Requirements

  • Password must meet minimum complexity (at least three of the following categories):
    • At least two lower case and one capital letter
    • At least two numerical digit
    • At least two of these special characters: ~ ! @ # $ % ^ & * _ - + = ` | ( ) { } [ ] : ; " ' < > , . ? /
  • At least 12 characters
  • Passwords should be difficult to guess. Do not use derivatives of user-IDs, common character sequences (ABC123), a spouse's name, your birth date and the like.
  • Password history is enabled and configured to disallow the same password used in the past 24 times and 30 days.

Running Into Issues?

Contact the CSU HelpDesk by phone at 706-507-8199 or by email at

Ask Cody

Ask Cody