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Columbus State University

Connect With Columbus State University

Social media is Columbus State University's avenue to continue to connect with digital announces about campus- and community-related happenings in fun, engaging and informative posts, pics and videos.

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5 Things to Know About CSU and Social Media

  • CSU is on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube;
  • University Relations can share the campus' best stories, events or other relevant happenings with its 15,000-plus followers. Simply email University Relations details at least a week prior;
  • University Relations offers customized, year-round social media training for individuals, offices and departments;
  • University Relations can measure how well accounts are performing using advanced social media analytics tools. Simply request an evaluation; and
  • University Relations encourages appointing at least two social media account administrators and keeping passwords in a secure file.

Email University Relations' communications specialist, Grace Reynolds, at to learn more.

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