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Chaylen Wilson - Columbus State University

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Columbus State University

headshot of Chaylen Wilson

Chaylen Wilson

Admissions Specialist

Admission, Office of

Education and Certifications

B.S., Psychology, Georgia State University, 2022


Chaylen Wilson is a Columbus, GA native who is also a recent graduate from Georgia State University where she obtained a Bachelor's degree in Psychology. She is currently in the process of pursuing her Master's degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. Chaylen is an advocate for greater accessibility to mental health resources in regard to cost and location, as well as striving to break down the stigma around mental health care in the Black community. She would also like to create an even deeper emphasis on intersectionality in the counseling field.

After receiving her degrees and counseling certifications, Chaylen plans on opening up her own private practice to suit the needs of all clientele, as well as continuing to be a mental health advocate across the state of Georgia. She also has aspirations of beginning a non-profit organization in the future.

Chaylen Wilson currently works in the Office of Admissions as an Admission Specialist with her focus area being Freshman and Transfer students.

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