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Dr. Ramesh Rao - Columbus State University

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Columbus State University

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Ramesh Rao

Professor & Graduate Coordinator

Communication, Department of

Education and Certifications

BA (Economics, Political Science, Sociology) from Bangalore University, India; Postgraduate Diploma in Journalism from the Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, India; MS in Communication from the University of Southern Mississippi; PhD in Communication from Michigan State University. 


Ramesh Rao has taught a variety of communication courses in the US since 1987. Before arriving in the US to pursue graduate studies, he served as a bank officer, a school teacher, and a copy editor in his native India. He has authored or co-authored books on Indian society and politics as well as on intercultural communication and communication theories and practices in ancient India. He has written op-eds for a variety of newspapers and magazines in India, the UK, and the US, numbering more than a hundred over the past thirty years. He is a keen reader of American and international coverage of India, Hindus, and Hinduism, and now edits the online platform India Facts ( 

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