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Mr. Roger Hatcher - Columbus State University

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Columbus State University

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Roger Hatcher

Director, Center for Quality Teaching & Learning

Quality Teaching & Learning, Center for


Roger Hatcher currently serves as the Director of the Center for Quality Teaching and Learning.

Mr. Hatcher currently has 40 years experience in public education as both a teacher and administrator. His 31 years of work in the k-12 setting involved 4 years of teaching and 27 years as an administrator. He served as an Assistant Principal as well as Principal at both the Junior and Senior High levels

Since coming to Columbus State University, he has supervised student teachers, taught Leadership courses, served as Program Coordinator for Educational Leadership and Program Coordinator for the Partner School Network.

In July, 2008, Mr. Hatcher assumed the position of Director of the Center for Quality Teaching and Learning. This role is multi-faceted, embracing the coordination of the partner schools, the College of Education Hall of Fame, the Georgia Alternative Teacher Preparation Program, as well as providing staff development activities for area teachers.

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