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Dr. Hyrum Carroll - Columbus State University

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Columbus State University

headshot of Hyrum Carroll

Hyrum Carroll

Associate Professor

TSYS School of Computer Science


I am a faculty member in the TSYS School of Computer Science at Columbus State University in Columbus, Georgia. I earned a PhD degree in Computer Science from Brigham Young University, where I worked with Dr. Mark J. Clement in the area of multiple sequence alignment. Afterwards, I was a Postdoctoral Fellow at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) where I worked on algorithms and evaluation criteria for sequence alignment. Before coming to Columbus State, I enjoyed several years at Middle Tennessee State University.

I have made contributions in the areas of database retrieval metrics, both pairwise and multiple sequence alignment, phylogeny search, and biological networks. More recently, I have focused on computer science education topics such as autograders (automatic assessment systems) and promoting computer science for all.

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