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CSU Online Retrospective - Columbus State University

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Center of Online Learning

CSU Online Retrospective

1991 GA ClassConnect, an 8-site two-way interactive instructional program using phone lines. Partnership with NEC America, BellSouth, and others.
1992 Georgia Statewide Academic and Medical System (GSAMS), links diverse educational and information entities within state with two-way interactive video/audio classrooms (one to multi-point) via phone lines. Columbus College, original grant recipient.
1999 Partnership with Medical College of Georgia: Nursing, Occupational Therapy and Radiologic Science
c2002 Peak GSAMS activity: 9 Education classes/week; 3 MCG programs; other activities; eCORE: 5 institutions including CSU provide access to USG offered online core courses.
2006 Transition to Internet Protocol (IP) video conferencing from GSAMS-type technology
2007 GeorgiaOnMyLine provides listing of all online courses and programs in USG. CSU joins Valdosta State and Georgia Southern in Collaborative Degree.
2008 WebBSIT collaborative joined by CSU; ended eCORE participation.
2009 Online Course offerings (course and degrees) increased dramatically
IP Conferencing Capabilities:
  • Library 004 (in-progress)
  • Center for Quality Teaching & Learning, Cunningham
  • MCG site in Illges 108
WebMBA collaborative joined by CSU

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