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Creative Writing Club - Columbus State University

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Department of English

Creative Writing Club

The Columbus State University Creative Writing Club is a student-run organization that offers members the chance to share and refine their creative works. We meet monthly and host regular WordSlam events. These open-mic style events take place in a café setting and allow members to workshop their creative pieces in a safe space with other student authors, poets, composers and journalists.

The Creative Writing Club hosts an annual retreat in association with the Carson McCullers Center for Writers and Musicians. A select group of members are chosen based on the quality of their work. These writers spend a weekend retreat at the center to focus on their creative process.

Membership is open to all currently enrolled CSU students of any major. We are very active on Facebook and frequently have discussions about writing issues and creativity.

The Creative Writing Club aims to give students time and space to develop and hone their creative writing.

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