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Master of Education in Theatre Education - Columbus State University

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Master of Education in Theatre Education

About the Program

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When you earn your Master of Education in Theatre Education degree at Columbus State, you will learn to use the techniques of the theatre artist to improve the learning process across the curriculum and in the differentiated classroom.

Students should demonstrate effective pedagogical strategy and practical teaching effectiveness through development of curriculum and instruction as the vehicle for addressing student needs.

Students will also learn how to appropriate research methods in constructing thesis paper, and for creating a more complex understanding of how the dramatic arts can impact the curriculum in P-12 schools and the community as a whole, as well as demonstrate and assess practical skills for the creation and production of plays in P-12 schools.

Career Opportunities

When you earn your Master of Education in Theatre Education, you'll be prepared for a broad range of careers including but not limited to:

  • Theatre Arts Professor
  • Director/Producer
  • Playwright
  • Set/Stage Designer
  • Stage Manager
  • Theatre Critic

Beth Reeves

Attending Columbus State University, both as an undergraduate and graduate student, a seed was strategically planted in me in order to use my purpose on purpose. As the great Maya Angelou told us, "Nothing will work unless you do". It took hard work, sacrifice, and determination.

I now realize that something special was cultivated in me at CSU. My purpose was to return to teach my CSU students in the exact same classroom where I was trained. I love how life works. I'm honored to pour into future actors, teachers, and designers on how to use their tools to serve others, effectively. Cultivating their creativity by seeing from other's perspectives, encouraging healthy debate, and allowing society to generate art that only they could have thought of. Their main job is to be great storytellers. My role as a teacher is to plant the seed, not tell it how it should end up looking. I'm driven by the process, not the product. When I had the opportunity to direct the production of Milk Like Sugar for CSU earlier in 2020, the amazing cast lived off of the word Ujima: collective work and responsibility. You know you are a true teacher when the student or cast teaches you.

As the Director of Educational Outreach for the Springer Opera House, we teach that the most important person on stage is your scene partner. The theme of any classroom that I enter is "I Am, We Are". It's about collaboration, not dissociation.

What did I gain from the Columbus State Department of Theatre and Dance? The tools needed to take care of and serve others.

Degree Requirements

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