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Master of Arts in Teaching - Columbus State University

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Master of Arts in Teaching

Program Description

The Master of Arts in Teaching (M.A.T.) Secondary Math and Science is an online degree offered cooperatively by three institutions: Columbus State University, Georgia Southern University, and Valdosta State University, all fully accredited institutions in the University System of Georgia. This program targets career changers who are interested in entering the teaching profession and who possess the prerequisite educational background in science, technology, engineering, mathematics, or a related field. Teacher certification options available through this degree include Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Earth/Space Science at the secondary level (i.e., certification in grades 6-12).

Educator Preparation at Columbus State University is accredited by the Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP).  

All educator preparation programs are approved by the Georgia Professional Standards Commission.

Career Opportunities

Successful completion of the M.A.T. program and passing scores on the appropriate Georgia Assessments for the Certification of Educators (GACE) basic skills, ethics, and content tests and the edTPA (a teaching performance assessment completed during student teaching or internship) allow the candidate to be recommended to the Georgia Professional Standards Commission for teacher certification at the T-5 level (i.e., the letter “T” indicates that the certificate is in a teaching field and the number “5” indicates that the candidate’s highest degree is a master’s degree recognized by the Georgia Professional Standards Commission).

Admission Requirements

Admission requirements:

  • A bachelor's degree in a related field as defined by Professional Standards Commission (click here for list of related fields) or 26-44 hours of approved content coursework from a regionally accredited institution in the intended field of certification (click here for list of approved content courses);
  • Minimum combined GPA of 2.5 on all undergraduate and graduate coursework;
  • Passing score on the GACE Program Admission Tests [Reading (200), Mathematics (201), Writing (202)] or exemption through satisfactory scores on the SAT, ACT, or GRE

GACE Program Admission Test Exemption Scores

    • SAT – 1000 (combination of Verbal and Math scores)
    • ACT – 43 (combination of English and Math scores)
    • GRE – Combined score of 1030 (Verbal and Quantitative) on tests taken before August 1, 2011 or combined score of 297 (Verbal and Quantitative) on tests taken after August 1, 2011
  • Complete the Program Entry level (350) of the Georgia Professional Standards Commission’s Georgia Educator Ethics Assessment. Go to for information and instructions. Select number 7 as your reason for testing. Please note:  You must add Columbus State University as a score recipient in order for us to get your results!
  • Passing scores on the GACE content examinations** required in the intended teacher certification field;
  • Criminal Background Check - Students must submit a copy of their FBI background check results or a letter from their school on official school letterhead stating that they have undergone a background check as a condition of employment. See the link below for instructions on completing the FBI Background Check.

FBI Background Check Instructions

  • An active Tk20 account is a required resource for this program because selected assignments must be submitted electronically using this online platform. Tk20 ( used by the university to maintain our accreditation, to demonstrate the quality of our academic programs, and to improve teaching and learning.
  • Completed application for admission to the Teacher Education Program. The "Masters Application" form is available at
  • Suitability for teaching as determined through the admissions process.

Admission to the program is available for fall semester only.

*If an individual passed all three parts of the Praxis I or posted a composite score of 526 on the three tests prior to March 5, 2007, he or she is exempt from the GACE Program Admission Tests.

**Required GACE content exams:

Certification Field

Required GACE Content Tests


Test I (026)
Test II (027)


Test I (028)
Test II (029)

Earth/Space Science

Test I (024)
Test II (025)


Test I (022)
Test II (023)


Test I (030)
Test II (031)

Note: Praxis II or TCT Tests passed prior to March 5, 2007, in certification content fields are valid and may be used in place of the GACE content tests. A candidate may not combine a Praxis test score with a GACE test score to meet the testing requirement in a content field. All tests within a GACE assessment (or Praxis, if taken before March 5, 2007) must be passed.

Additional GACE Content examination information can be found at

To seek admission to the M.A.T. Secondary Math and Science, apply online now at Apply Now.

Note: If you have never taken an online class at CSU, you will need to complete the Smarter Measure Assessment before you can register for classes. You can access the survey by going to Under Resources, click "Smarter Measure Assessment" and follow the directions. The user id is csuready and the password is cougars. Students will be identified by their CougarNet email address.

Learning Outcomes

Graduates will:
  • demonstrate continual growth and proficiency in planning inquiry-based instruction built on standards and knowledge of students,  
  • demonstrate proficiency in using a wide range of instructional strategies and differentiating instruction to help all students learn, 
  • demonstrate proficiency in developing and using multiple forms of assessment and using student assessment data to improve teaching and learning for all levels of learners
  • display ongoing reflection and growth regarding values, commitments, dispositions, and habits associated with effective and professional teaching, including application of educational research in the analysis of teaching effectiveness and impact on student learning.

Additional Program Requirements

  • Students must earn a 3.0 GPA calculated on all graduate work attempted. "Academic Forgiveness" policy does not apply to graduate studies
  • Students cannot graduate with a grade of "C" or below in more than two (2) graduate courses
  • A minimum of 27 hours of the hours required for the degree must be earned in residence (75%). Asynchronous (online) and distance learning courses administered through Columbus State University constitute courses taken in residence
  • A maximum of nine (9) semester hours of transfer credit or courses taken at CSU prior to full admission to a masters degree program may be applied toward the degree. Courses with earned grades of "C" or below cannot be transferred. The student’s advisor and the coordinator of the program in which the student is enrolled must approve any courses transferred
  • All degree requirements must be completed within seven (7) years of first enrollment.

Program of Study

Area 1 Transitioning into Teaching – Required of students in all degree options. Required Hours: 9
EDMS 6105 Transition to Teaching
EDMS 6272 Classroom Management
EDMS 6115 Knowledge of Students

Enhancing Student Learning Required Hours: 12
EDMS 6001 Assessment for Instruction
EDMS 6216 Teaching Practicum
EDMS 6474 Technology as a Teaching and Learning Tool
AND one of the following:
EDMT 6215 Methods in Teaching Secondary Mathematics
EDSC 6215 Methods in Teaching Secondary Science

Emerging Teacher Required Hours: 9
EDMS 6485 Student Teaching
EDMS 6698 Teaching Internship

Advanced Teacher Required Hours: 9
EDMS 6116 Research in Education
Guided Elective – Approved by home institution
EDMS 6131 Becoming an Advanced Teacher

Total Hours Required: 39

Virtual Advisor