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Master of Science in Exercise Science - Columbus State University

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Master of Science in Exercise Science

For general degree requirements, see the College of Education and Health Professions and the General Degree Requirements pages.

Area 1 Professional Core Required Hours: 18
EXSC 6118 Advanced Exercise Physiology
EXSC 6119 Research Methods in Human Performance
EXSC 6125 Readings in Exercise Science
EXSC 6135 Data Analysis
EXSC 6237 Advanced Exercise Testing & Prescription
EXSC 6238 Advanced Measurement & Evaluation in Exercise Science

Area 2 Electives Required Hours: 18
2A- Up to 18 Hours Allowed
EXSC 6115 Advanced Strength and Conditioning
EXSC 6116 Environmental Stressors and Exercise
EXSC 6137 Exercise Electrocardiography
EXSC 6138 Pharm Consid Exer Testing & Training
EXSC 6139 Exercise Epidemiology
EXSC 6145 Advanced Nutrition for Exercise and Sports
EXSC 6225 Fitness for Individuals with Disabilities
EXSC 6775 Seminar in Exercise Science

2B- No more than 9 Hours Allowed
EXSC 6436 Practicum in Exercise Science
EXSC 6899 Independent Study
EXSC 6981 Thesis I
EXSC 6982 Thesis II
Others as Approved by Advisor

Area 3 Additional Requirements Required Hours: 0
EXSC 6000 Comp. Exam/Thesis Defense

Total Hours Required: 36

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