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Specialist in Education - Secondary Education - Columbus State University


Specialist in Education - Secondary Education

For general degree requirements, see the College of Education and Health Professions and the General Degree Requirements pages.

Professional Core (11 hours)
EDUF 7115 Psychology of Teaching (3 hrs.)
EDUF 7117 Quantitative Research Methods (3 hrs.)
EDUF 7118 Qualitative Research Methods (3 hrs.)
EDCI 7359 Specialist Project (2 hrs.)

Select one of the following concentrations:

English Concentration (19 hours)
EDCI 7115 K-12 Curriculum Studies: English Language Arts (3 hrs.)
EDCI 6118 Teaching Composition in Grades 4-12 (3 hrs.) (if not taken in master's degree)

Select 13 hours from ENGL courses, English language arts, and methodology

Cognate and related fields:
Depending on prior graduate studies in English language arts content and pedagogy, up to 9 credits may be earned in related-field studies in gifted ed, ESL, special education, and other fields.

Mathematics Concentration (19 hours)
EDSE 7125 Issues in Mathematics Education (3 hrs.)

16 hours to be designed with advisor. You must have a minimum of 6 graduate math courses from this and your masters program.

Science Concentration (19 hours)
EDSE 7135 Curriculum Studies in Secondary Education (3 hrs.)

Select 12 hours from BIOL Courses, CHEM courses, or GEOL Courses

Select 4 hours in related field

Social Science Concentration (19 hours)
EDSE 7145 Curriculum Studies in Social Science Education (3 hrs.)

Select 9 semester hours from HIST courses

Select 6 semester hours from HIST, POLS, ECON, PSYC, SOCI courses

Select 1 semester hour of electives as approved by advisor

Total Hours Required: 30

Virtual Advisor