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Special Programs - Columbus State University

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Special Programs


The Center for International Education

The Center for International Education increases an understanding of the world among CSU students, faculty and staff. It cultivates all aspects of an international education by promoting an awareness and appreciation of world cultures and events by offering a variety of programs off-campus and on-campus. CIE provides study abroad and exchange programs for students and faculty. These include summer and exchange programs in Europe, Asia, Latin America and Africa. The center develops and supports the Annual International Learning Community by linking a range of international courses with lectures, films, and other extra-curricular activities. CIE also brings visiting scholars and speakers to CSU, and it coordinates the Latin American Studies Minor, Latin American Studies Certificate, European Union Certificate, African Studies Certificate and Asian Studies Minor. CIE also provides services for international students, including cultural and personal counseling, general academic counseling and advising on immigration matters. More information about CIE can be obtained by contacting (706) 565-4036. CIE is located in the International House.

CSU Centers of Excellence

Five outreach centers at Columbus State University serve as extraordinary resources for CSU students, area K-12 students, the community, and West Central Georgia. Two of the centers, the Coca-Cola Space Science Center and Oxbow Meadows Environmental Learning Center, are located along the Chattahoochee River and offer public events, tours and special programs. The Carson McCullers Center for Writers and Musicians is in the childhood home of Carson McCullers, which is now a museum. The other centers, the Columbus Regional Mathematics Collaborative and the Center for Quality Teaching and Learning are located on the main CSU campus and offer services and education to the campus and the region.

Computer Science Endorsement (graduate)

An endorsement program that requires 17 semester hours of coursework including CPSC 6105, CPSC 6106, CPSC 5135G, CPSC 5157G, EDUT 5125G, and EDUT 5455G. To earn this endorsement, candidates must have a Clear Renewable teaching certificate.

Computer Science Endorsement (undergraduate)

An endorsement program that requires 27 semester hours of undergraduate coursework in computer science content and pedagogy. To enroll in this program, candidates must be accepted for admission into Columbus State University and be admitted to the College of Education and Health Professions Teacher Education Program.

Continuing Education

Continuing Education at Columbus State University successfully extends the university's remarkable standards of higher learning through its comprehensive portfolio of personal enrichment and professional development programs. Courses are held primarily at the Elizabeth Bradley Turner Center on East Lindsay Drive or Uptown Columbus at the historic Rankin Arts Center on Broadway. Continuing Education programs are non-credit courses that encompass personal and professional development, as well as leisure and life enrichment activities, and a wide range of online courses. In addition, many courses earn continuing education units (CEUs), a nationally recognized method for measuring non-credit course work. For more information on these centers, please call either the Elizabeth Bradley Turner Center for Continuing Education at (706) 568-2023. Also, visit our web sites at


ESOL Endorsement for Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages

An endorsement program that requires 12 semester hours including ENGL 5147, ENGL 5148, ENGL 5165, and ENGL 5168. To earn this endorsement, the student should have or be working toward a P-12 teaching certificate.


Fort Benning Campus

The Fort Benning Campus serves as a one stop shop for Fort Benning personnel and their family members. All admission, registration, and financial aid services are available at the Fort Benning Campus. In addition, the following programs are available on Fort Benning: MBA; MPA in Health Services Administration; MS in Community Counseling; MS in Computer Science; BS in Criminal Justice; and BS in Health Science. The Fort Benning Campus is located in Soldiers' Plaza, Building 2613 on the second floor. The office hours are 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM Monday through Friday. For more information, visit us online at or call (706) 689-8668.


Gifted Education Endorsement

A graduate endorsement program that requires 15 semester hours including SPED 2256, SPED 3215, SPED 6285, SPED 6288, and SPED 6289. To earn this endorsement, the student must have a P-12 teaching certificate.


High School Joint Enrollment Program/Accel Program

The university, in cooperation with the local high schools and with the approval of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, makes available to selected high school students college courses with full credit. All students selected remain under the jurisdiction of their respective high schools, and both high school and university officials must approve courses taken. For additional information contact the director of admissions.


Intern programs

Columbus State University participates in the Georgia Legislative Intern Program, the Governor's Intern Program, and the AFLAC Congressional Intern Program. These programs allow students to earn academic credit while serving in government and all provide stipends to defray living expenses. Other local intern programs are also available. Students must meet a minimum GPA requirement and must have the approval of the POLS Internship Director. All intern programs can be taken for credit. Interested juniors, seniors and graduate students should contact the Department of Political Science for additional information. International internships are available through the Center for International Education.


K-5 Mathematics Endorsement

An endorsement program that requires 12 semester hours of coursework in mathematics content and pedagogy for grades K-5. To be eligible for admission to this program, candidates must have a minimum of one year of teaching experience and hold a level 4 or higher Clear Renewable teaching certificate in an approved field.

K-5 Science Endorsement

An endorsement program that requires 12 semester hours of coursework in science content and pedagogy for grades K-5. To be eligible for admission to this program, candidates must have a minimum of one year of teaching experience and hold a level 4 or higher Clear Renewable teaching certificate in an approved field.


Online Teaching Endorsement

The Online Teaching Endorsement is designed to meet the requirements from the Professional Standards Commission (PSC) for the addition of an endorsement to he Professional Teaching License. Students must hold a current,  valid level 4 or above certificate in a teaching, service, or leadership field in order to add the endorsement. This is a stand-alone endorsement that does not require a student to be enrolled in a degree program at CSU; some or all of the courses may be applied toward a degree as electives with advisor approval. The four courses for the endorsement may also be applied to the Online Teaching Certificate. The program consists of twelve semester hours of coursework including ONTL 6205, ONTL 6206, ONTL 6207, and ONTL 6499 and includes field experiences in virtual environments. For more information, contact the Department of Teacher Education.


Pre-School Special Education Endorsement

A graduate endorsement program that requires 15 semester hours including SPED 2256, SPED 5285, SPED 5286, SPED 6265, and SPED 6145. To earn this endorsement, the student must have a P-12 teaching certificate.


Reading Endorsement

A graduate endorsement program that requires 10 semester hours including EDRG 6148; EDRG 6245; EDRG 6116 or EDRG 6118; and EDRG 6756. To earn this endorsement, the student must have a P-12 teaching certificate.

Reserve Officers' Training Corps (ROTC)

The university, in conjunction with the U.S. Army, maintains a Department of Military Science for those students who elect to combine military leadership and managerial training with a traditional academic program. The military science curriculum, 33 credit hours, is divided into the basic course (freshman/sophomore) and the advanced course (junior/senior). The basic course is open to all students without any military obligation. Students may attend a five-week Leader's Training Course between their sophomore and junior years at Ft. Knox, Kentucky in lieu of the basic course classes at the university to qualify for the advanced course. Prior service veterans are exempted from the basic course requirements. The advanced course is open only to students approved by the professor of military science. Students who complete the advanced course are commissioned as Second Lieutenants in the United States Army, National Guard, or Army Reserve upon graduation. Textbooks and other required course materials are furnished at no charge. Scholarships are also available.


TAPP Program

The Georgia TAPP program is a two-year, state-approved program that provides an alternative route to teacher certification in Georgia. Applicants must have a baccalaureate degree from an accredited college or university in a teacher certification field (or closely related field with 25 or more semester hours applicable to the desired program of study).
Students must be admitted at the graduate level. TAPP students who would like to obtain a master's degree with related teacher certification may complete the appropriate Master of Arts in Teaching (M.A.T.) degree program and be eligible for T-5 certification upon successful completion of the program.

Teacher Leadership Endorsement

A graduate endorsement program that requires 18 semester hours including EDUL 6226, EDUL 6235, EDUL 6255, EDTL 6156, EDTL 6157, and EDTL 6685. To earn this endorsement the applicant must have a clear, renewable master's level or higher professional teaching, service, or leadership certificate in the field of study for which the applicant will specialize.


UTeach Columbus program for Mathematics and Science

UTeach Columbus is an innovative program that prepares students for an exciting career in mathematics or science. Upon completion of the program, students will earn a degree in biology, chemistry, earth and space science, or mathematics and be qualified to teach in a middle school or high school after passing the appropriate state certification examinations. UTeach Columbus also provides internship opportunities, for qualified students, which enrich the academic experience through work with educational programs and community out reach centers including the Coca Cola Space Science Center, Oxbow Environmental Learning Center, and Muscogee County Schools. The WeTeach student organization provides further opportunities for community service, educational enrichment, and social networking. Scholarships are available yearly to support UTeach Columbus students. More information about UTeach Columbus can be obtained by calling 706-507-8612 or by visiting our website at The UTeach Columbus main office is located on the 2nd floor of the Faculty Office Building.

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