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Honors College Program Requirements - Columbus State University

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Honors College Program Requirements

Credit Hour Requirements :

ITDS 1779H Scholarship Across the Disciplines - 2
Lower division courses designated as Honors - 6
Upper division Honors Contracts - 6
Upper or lower division honors credits* - 6
HONS 3555 Great Conversations - 3

One of the following Senior Capstone sequences - 3

HONS 4901: Senior Project Proposal & HONS 4902 Thesis and Oral Defense
HONS 4901: Senior Project Proposal & HONS 4912: The Alternative to the Thesis

*Credits may include repeating HONS 3555 under a different selected topic, courses in International Learning Communities, or Servant Leadership.

Non-Credit Hour Enrichment Requirements

3 sections of HONS 3000: Honors Enrichment Seminars

One of the following off-campus enrichment:
HONS 3010: Global Perspective (in conjunction with any Study Abroad course)
HONS 3020: Service Learning

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