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Preparatory Division Program Policies - Columbus State University

The Joyce and Henry Schwob School of Music

Preparatory Division Program Policies

Thank you for choosing the Schwob Music Preparatory Program for music lessons. We’d like you to know the following information:

We conduct lessons year-round and we accept new registrants at any time. Lessons are available for all the standard band/ orchestra instruments (e.g. flute, violin, saxophone, clarinet, etc.) and for the other popular choices (e.g. piano, voice, guitar, drums).

Lessons are available year-round and are organized into Fall and Spring terms that follow the schedule of the local school district. At the beginning of the Fall term we provide a calendar that clarifies how many weeks are in each term, and any holidays/breaks that we observe. There’s also an optional Summer session which we strongly advise (see “Summer Study” later in this document).

Private lessons

Tuition for private lessons is calculated by the number of lessons purchased. It may be paid in full, or for no additional cost, in monthly installments.

Regardless of the payment plan chosen, parents and students should understand that their financial commitment is for the semester's complete tuition total. An annual registration fee of $25 per student is applied to all of our programs. This fee is payable with the initial payment at the time of enrollment and again every fall.

Also, we offer both in-person, and virtual/ remote lessons

Private lesson rates

  • $26 per 30-minute lesson
  • $39 per 45-minute lesson
  • $52 per 60-minute lesson
  • $25 Annual Registration Fee, charged at the beginning of the semester

Once you purchase lessons, you receive ‘lesson credits’ that are yours to use as frequently as you choose, and they don’t expire.

Group Lessons

All classes will be held at the Schwob School of Music, located in the River Center for the Performing Arts at 900 Broadway, Columbus, GA, 31901.

Tuition for our Group Piano and Little Mozarts program is a flat fee of $99 for 6-weeks. The schedule is determined at the beginning of each semester.

Rates for our Suzuki program are as follows:

  • $34 per 30-minute lesson
  • $51 per 45-minute lesson
  • $68 per 60-minute lesson

Suzuki lessons include both a private and group component.

Missed lessons and classes

If a lesson needs to be canceled, please notify your instructor at least 24-hours prior to the scheduled lesson. If the instructor is not notified within this time frame, the lesson is forfeited.

In the case that a lesson needs to be missed due to health, a family emergency, or because of weather, the lesson is not forfeited and a make-up lesson can be scheduled or that lesson’s credit is not used.

If an instructor should need to reschedule a lesson, the instructor will provide parents and/ or students with adequate notification. A make-up lesson can be scheduled or that lesson’s credit is not used.

In the event that an ongoing conflict with one's regular lesson time develops during a semester, the instructor should be contacted immediately to discuss permanently changing the regular lesson to a more suitable time.

Please note that make-up lessons cannot be scheduled for group classes, regardless of notification. Also, make-up lessons will not be scheduled for other make-up lessons, regardless of advance notification.


Payment is due before lessons are administered - no lessons will be administered without payment.

  • Online - When payment is due, an invoice (via email) will be sent that includes a link to our payment portal. The link will take you to the Schwob Music Prep TouchNet store where you can pay for lessons in a ‘shopping-cart’ fashion. Our system doesn’t allow for automatic payments, so invoice emails are a must, and will be sent out periodically.
  • In Person - Payment may be made via check and dropped off (during business hours) at the Schwob administrative offices on the first floor of the Schwob School of Music. If paying by this way, please refer to your emailed invoice to know how much to make the check out for.


Refunds are not normally given unless a student cannot use up their lesson credits. Such cases include health concerns, or the sudden need to move residency. Other instances will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

Late fees

A late fee of $10 will be applied to any payment due past a grace period of 7 days.


If a lesson is taught, and not paid for, an invoice will be sent until payment is made. If payment is not made by the end of the current semester, the invoice will be sent to the CSU Bursar for collections.

Early Withdrawal

No refund will be given if a student withdraws from lessons before the end of the current semester unless a student cannot use their lessons (see ‘Refunds’ above).

Also, while the Prep Division does provide an installment plan for tuition payment, this does not eliminate financial commitment if a student withdraws early.

Subject to teacher availability, students are accepted into the private lesson program at various intervals during the semester. In such cases, parents and students are required to make a financial commitment to lessons from the point they enter lessons through the end of that semester.

As a courtesy to our instructors, the Music Preparatory Division office does request notification in case of early withdrawal from lessons. Simply ceasing to attend lessons does not constitute notice of withdrawal.


The Schwob Prep Coordinator is responsible for all communication regarding program announcements and payment, while scheduling and everything lesson-related is handled by instructors. In either case, parents/ students are invited and encouraged to contact the Prep Coordinator or instructor at any time.

Prep Coordinator

The office phone number is706-649-7223, or you can send an email


At the time of scheduling lessons, the Prep Coordinator will have instructors reach out to potential students/ parents via email/ phone. Please save your instructor’s contact information, or ask for it at the first lesson. Especially in the case of a lesson cancellation when it is critical to provide instructors with a 24-hour notification, parents are asked to contact the instructor directly.

Miscellaneous Items


In-person lessons will be held at the Schwob School of Music, located at 900 Broadway, Columbus, GA, 31901. Students are requested to enter the building through the main entrance to the Schwob School of Music (visible from the corner of 9th Street and Broadway) where your instructor will meet you in the lobby and walk you to where you’ll be having your lesson.

Virtual/ remote lessons will be set up via the instructor’s and student’s method of choice at the time of scheduling lessons.


Free two-hour parking is available surrounding the River Center. Free parking is also available in the city-owned parking garage which is located on Broadway directly across the street from the RiverCenter.


Waiting areas with tables and chairs can be found by the stairwell on the first floor. You may also wait using the chairs in the lobby or, for parents/ guardians, outside your child’s lesson room.

Summer Study

The length of break between the close of lessons in the spring and the beginning of lessons in the fall is long, especially for younger children. For this reason, our summer session is a necessity, and we encourage all students to enroll in summer. Not only is summer an excellent time to move ahead in all areas, but it also makes progress possible in the fall without extensive review. Recognizing the need for vacation time during the summer, the student is given more flexibility to reschedule lessons during the summer semester.

Inclement Weather & School Closings

The Schwob School of Music Preparatory Division typically follows Columbus State University regarding closings due to inclement weather, but since most lessons occur in the afternoon or evening, it’s possible for the Prep Division to remain open as long as the building and access to it are approved for safety. Information regarding closings will be recorded on the voice-mail greeting at 706-649-7223. Classes or lessons canceled due to official closings will be rescheduled.

Questions, Comments, or Concerns?

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please contact us at

Virtual Advisor