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Blue Streak Collection, SMC 149 - Columbus State University

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Blue Streak Collection, SMC 149

Organizational Note

In 1940, the Blue Streak was a bi-weekly newspaper at Columbus High School. The publication is written and produced by students and includes articles on school functions, events, and humor. The newspaper is still being produced by the students at Columbus High School.

Scope and Content

Collection consist of 14 editions of the Blue Streak from October 1939 to December 1940. There is only a sampling of issues and not a complete set.

Permission to Publish

Permission to publish material from the Blue Streak Collection must be obtained from the Columbus State University Archives at Columbus State University. Use of the following credit line for publication or exhibit is required:

Blue Streak Collection (SMC 149) Columbus State University Archives Columbus, Georgia


Gift of the Columbus Museum, 2017

Item List

Item 1 - Blue Streak, October 19, 1939Item 2 - Blue Streak, November 16, 1939Item 3 - Blue Streak, December 14, 1939Item 4 - Blue Streak, January 18, 1940Item 5 - Blue Streak, February 15, 1940Item 6 - Blue Streak, February 29, 1940Item 7 - Blue Streak, March 28, 1940Item 8 - Blue Streak, April 25, 1940Item 9 - Blue Streak, May 23, 1940Item 10 - Blue Streak, September 26, 1940Item 11 - Blue Streak, October 10, 1940Item 12 - Blue Streak, October 24, 1940Item 13 - Blue Streak, November 7, 1940Item 14 - Blue Streak, November 20, 1940

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