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Byrne, Bryant and Durkin Family Papers (MC 412) - Columbus State University

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Byrne, Bryant and Durkin Family Papers (MC 412)

Biographical Note


Mary Margaret Byrne was born in Franklin, North Carolina on November 9, 1928 to John Bernard Byrne, Sr. and Margaret Godfrey Bryant.

John Bernard Byrne, Sr. was born in 1897 in Nevada City, California and became a forest ranger. He died in Asheville, North Carolina in 1934. John Bernard Byrne's father was Thomas Phillip Byrne, born in 1864 and his mother was Mary T. Beckman.

Margaret Godfrey Bryant was born in 1903 in Columbus, Georgia. Her parents were Alaric Marion Bryant and Mary Melissa Durkin, both of Columbus.

John Bernard Byrne, Sr. and Margaret Godfrey Bryant were married in 1927. In addition to Mary Margaret, they had two sons; Philip Byrne (18 Jan 1930- 3 Aug 2000), and John Bernard Byrne, Jr.

Mary Margaret Byrne was a reporter for the Columbus Ledger-Enquirer. She died February 19, 1989 and is buried in Linwood Cemetery in Columbus, Georgia.

Scope and Content

This collection consists of one box of folders containing materials pertinent to the Byrne, Bryant and Durkin families. There are many photographs of members of both sides of the families. Her father, John B. Byrne, Sr., was from California and many of his school pieces are included. Her brother Philip had been an outstanding athlete at Columbus High School. His scrapbook is included. The family attended Holy Family Catholic church in Columbus and there are many family bibles, prayer books and devotionals in Box 2, which also houses old family daguerreotypes, ambrotypes and tintypes and other pieces belonging to family members.

Permission to Publish

Permission to publish material from the Byrne Bryant Durkin Family Papers must be obtained from the Columbus State University Archives at Columbus State University. Use of the following credit line for publication or exhibit is required:

Byrne Bryant Durkin Family Papers (MC 412) Columbus State University Archives Columbus, Georgia


This collection was donated to the CSU Archives by Sherry Green on May 25, 2018 in honor of Anne and Philip Byrne.

Note to Researchers

See also: Mary Margaret Byrne Collection (MC 338)

Box and Folder/Item List

Box 1

Folder 1 - Alaric M. Bryant and Mamie (Mary Melissa) Durkin

Folder 2 - Americus Cemetery

Folder 3 - Application to Children of the American Revolution by Mary Margaret Byrne as a descendant of Dr. John Taliaferro

Folder 4 - Byrne family crest

Folder 5 - Carter Presidential Center dedication, 1986

Folder 6 - Commencement Program for Columbus Industrial High School, July 1920 for Margaret Bryant

Folder 7 - Confederate money

Folder 8 - Correspondence from John B. Bryant to Alicia Flint, 1917-1918

Folder 9 - Correspondence from John Byrne 1934

Folder 10 - Correspondence of Margaret Godfrey Bryant Byrne (Mrs. John B. Byrne)

Folder 11 - Correspondence of Mary Margaret Byrne

Folder 12 - DAR application of Mary Margaret Byrne

Folder 13 - Death certificate for Mary Margaret Byrne, Feb. 19, 1989

Folder 14: Deeds to Lot south of #37, 1890 to Thomas M. Bryant, in City Cemetery

Folder 15 - Edward M. Bryant and Grace Agnes Lynn Maxham papers

Folder 16 - Family records sent to Margaret Godfrey Bryant Byrne (Mrs. John B.)

Folder 17 - Gas ration stamps for Mary Margaret Byrne, 1945

Folder 18 - Inauguration of Jimmy Carter, 1977

Folder 19 - Jimmy Carter connections

Folder 20 - John Bernard Byrne papers

Folder 21 - John Byrne as Forest Ranger in North Carolina

Folder 22 - John Byrne Memorial Tower on Wayah Bald, Franklin, North Carolina, 1937

Folder 23 - John Durkin-deeds, will, papers

Folder 24 - Letter from Melissa L. McCrary to her daughter, Lamira McCrary Durkin, 1872

Folder 25 - Margaret B. Byrne's will, 1951 and a bank passbook, 1938

Folder 26 - Mary Margaret Byrne's funeral program, Feb. 22, 1989, Linwood Cemetery

Folder 27 - Mary Margaret Byrne's will, 1989

Folder 28 - Military records of John B. Byrne, World War I

Folder 29 - Miscellaneous articles and photographs

Folder 30 - Newspaper articles by Mary Margaret Byrne

Folder 31 - Nevada City, California

Folder 32 - Philip Marion Byrne, buried in Riverdale Cemetery

Folder 33 - Photographs of John Bernard Byrne, 1897-1934

Folder 34 - Photographs of Mary Eugenia Bryant, who died in 1918 of influenza; 646 3rd Ave.

Folder 35 - Photographs of Mary Dorothea Beckman (later Mrs. Thomas Philip Byrne)

Folder 36 - Photographs of Mary Margaret Byrne

Folder 37 - Photographs of Mary Margaret Byrne and her brother Philip as children

Folder 38 - Unidentified Photographs and negatives

Folder 39 - Thomas Philip Byrne (grandfather of Mary Margaret, Philip and John Byrne, Jr.) and Mary T. Beckman

Folder 40 - Veterans Note for John B. Byrne, 1928-1932

Box 2

Daguerreotypes, ambrotypes and tintypes

Item 1 - 2 ½ x 3 - 1 photo of a man sitting, ambrotype. Bearded, arm resting on chair, lock broken

Item 2 - 3 x 4 - double photos- left -young boy seated in chair ; right - mother and child in dress. Daguerreotypes in perfect condition

Item 3 - 3 x 4 - one photo of a woman on left side, tintype. Possibly same woman as #2

Item 4 - 3 x3 - looks like a book with gilded pages...1 young man on left side, tintype

Item 5 - 3 x 3 -1 man on right side. Arms in lap. Ambrotype


Album 1 - Inscribed "To my dear Mother M.L McCrary, from her affectionate child Samandra, August 3, 1869". First photo on back inscribed "For Lamira, her mother and brother May 6, 1868 Columbus, Ga" with a note to Lavinia from Lizzie in front.

Album 2 - 4x5 and 1 ½" thick with colored inset and 4 white feet on cover. This album include: some photos done by G.T. Williams, 81 Broad St., Columbus; Alpha A. Williams, Columbus; Phenix Photography Gallery, Corner Broad and Randolph St. Columbus, Miss Annie Kinn...., LaGrange, Ga;. and Miss Liddie L.... The album is from J.W. Pease, bookseller

Religious books

Volume 1 - The Catholic's Pocket Manual of Prayers, 1927, inscribed "A. M. Bryant 2207 19th Ave.", 1924, printed in Belgium.

Volume 2 - The Mission book of the Redemptorist Fathers, inscribed "Mary M. Bryant, 636 3rd Ave, From her husband, Columbus, Georgia, 1898"

Volume 3 - The Epistles and Gospels for the Sundays and Principal Festivals Throughout the Year

Volume 4 - The little Ursuline Manual, 1874. Miss Mamie Durkin inscribed on front piece.

Volume 5 - My Prayer Book, Happiness in Goodness with many insertions. One reads "John F Bryant Nov. 9, 1896 made his first confession to Father G.H Shaderwell during the Mission given by Rev. L.J. Power". leather-bound, 1908

Volume 6 - Catholics Pocket Manual, 1939-1942, brass front cover inscribed "May this protect you". From Google..."This is a WWII Soldier's Prayer Book called the Catholic's Pocket Manual." It has a metal cover that evidently was intended to protect the holder from bullets when the book was kept in the shirt pocket. The book was published in 1942. The metal cover is attached to the cover of the book.

Other items

Wallet with letters A.M.B (Bryant) on pocket; 2 inserts, 1930 sale of a car and a Central of Georgia Railway pass to AM Bryant and his wife, 1938

Brown leather pouch with 2 insertions, a photograph of a young man and a lock of hair

Box of brooches with hair ornaments, and buttons

Silver dollars dated 1921, 1923

Little green box with torn newspaper clipping

Boxed gift copy of Evangeline, To Mary from Gray, copyright 1905

Brass belt buckle with California

Standing committees for 1869

Box of assorted brooches, some with hair decorations, and a pink pearl collar stud.

Box labeled Soul Kiss Toilet Requisites

Scrapbook of Philip Byrne's Columbus High School sports career in newspaper clippings

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