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T.G. Reeves Collection, MC 411 - Columbus State University

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T.G. Reeves Collection, MC 411

Biographical Note

Theo Grady (T.G.) Reeves was born in Vaughn, Spaulding County, Georgia on April 8, 1892. He married Mae Holland Roberts on May 4, 1921 in Columbus, Georgia and they had one daughter named Francis. Francis married Courtlen Hamlet and had two boys, Sonny and Courtlen Jr. Family Members and organizations mentioned in this collection includes the following:

T.G. Reeves served in the United States Army during World War I and served as Secretary and Treasurer of the Coca-Cola Bottling Company in Columbus in 1925. In the late 1930s through 1951, T.G. Reeves was general manager of the local minor league baseball team, the Columbus Reds, affiliated team with the St. Louis Cardinals. He also served as president of United Oil Corporation, which sold Shell petroleum products and Goodyear Tires throughout the region. He was a member of several service organizations in Columbus including the American Legions and Chamber of Commerce. He served as president of the Fort Benning Chapter of the Association of United States Army and was the first Field Marshall to Fort Benning. Theo Grady Reeves passed away in Columbus on March 23, 1974 and is buried at Parkhill Cemetery.

Mae Holland Roberts Reeves was born November 1, 1895 in Columbus, Georgia to Columbus Roberts, Sr. and Fannie Cobb Roberts. Mae had one brother, Columbus Roberts, Jr.

Francis Reeves Hamlett was the only child of T.G. and Mae Reeves. She was born on March 9, 1930 in Columbus, Georgia. She married Major General Courtlen P. Hamlett and they had two sons, Samuel (Sonny) Whitsett Coney Hamlett and Courtlen P. Hamlett, Jr.

United Oil Corporation - founded sometime around 1929, served as a Goodyear Tire dealer as well as Shell Gasoline, Motor Oils, and Willard Batteries. The business was located on First Avenue until June 1955 when the building burned to the ground. The business relocated to 13th Avenue. A newspaper clipping included in this collection says United Oil Corp. was the state's largest supplier of Shell Gasoline. United Oil Corporation closed in the 1990's.

Columbus Red Birds Baseball Team - The Columbus Red Birds was an affiliate of the St. Louis Cardinals, which played in Class A Farm Club of the South Atlantic League. The Red Birds played at Golden Park in Columbus from 1936-1955 and won the Sally League Regular Season in 1946-1947. In 1956, the team switched to the Major League affiliate of the Baltimore Orioles and rebranded the Columbus Foxes. T.G. Reeves resigned from the Red Birds in the fall

1927-1980's 3 Boxes

Scope and Content

This collection is split into four distinct categories - Army, Baseball, Business, and Personal. Each category consists of correspondence, photographs, and memorabilia associated with T.G Reeves' business and family life.

Permission to Publish

Permission to publish material from the Title Collection/Papers/Records must be obtained from the Columbus State University Archives at Columbus State University. Use of the following credit line for publication or exhibit is required:

T.G. Reeves Collection (MC 411) Columbus State University Archives Columbus, Georgia


Donated by Christy Cooke in 2019

Note to Researchers

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Box and Folder List

Box 1

Folder 1 - Army - Correspondence regarding the Association of the United States Army (AUSA), 1957-1963

Folder 2 - Army - Discharge and Enlistment records for T.G. Reeves, 1918-1919

Folder 3 - Army - Letters to T.G. Reeves in honor of Civil Service Award, 1966

Folder 4 - Army - Official Publications by AUSA, Photographs, and newspaper clippings

Folder 5 - Army - Photograph of T.G. Reeves in various Army related activities Photograph include T.G. Reeves with General John Wright of Fort Benning in 1969

Folder 6 - Army - T.G. Reeves named Field Marshal at Fort Benning, 2 May 1972

Folder 7 - Baseball - Correspondence and Business related materials, 1930-1939

Folder 8 - Baseball - Correspondence and Business related materials, 1940-1946

Folder 9 - Baseball - Correspondence and Business related materials, 1947-1949

Folder 10 - Baseball - Correspondence and Business related materials, 1951-1959

Folder 11 - Baseball - Correspondence and Business related materials, 1960-1969

Folder 12 - Baseball - Correspondence regarding updating of Golden Park, 1947-1949

Folder 13 - Baseball - New Stadium Dedication Correspondence, July - August 1951

Folder 14 - Baseball - Newspaper Clippings and Newsletters from Cardinals and the Yankees

Folder 15 - Baseball - Resolution and Agreements to Rights of Use for City Baseball Park, 1933-1935

Folder 16 - Business - Fire Destroys United Oil Corporation building, photographs and newspaper clippings, 1 June 1957

Folder 17 - Business - Henry Y. Reeves articles and photographs at Shell Corporation Convention

Folder 18 - Business - History of United Oil Corporation, 1929-1987

Folder 19 - Business - Letters of Congratulations to T.G. Reeves for Article in Go Magazine, 1972

Folder 20 - Business - Miscellaneous Correspondence and Drawings from United Oil Corp.

Folder 21 - Business - Photographs of Corporate/Trade Meetings and Award Ceremonies

Folder 22 - Business - Photographs of Shell Stations and its General Managers operated by United Oil Corp.

Folder 23 - Personal - Birth Certificates of Mae and Francis Reeves and College Diploma

Folder 24 - Personal - Correspondence between Sonny Hamlett and T.G. Reeves, 1961-1962

Folder 25 - Personal - Correspondence between Sonny Hamlett and T.G. Reeves, 1963-1968

Folder 26 - Personal - Correspondence between Sonny Hamlett and T.G. Reeves, 1970-1973

Folder 27 - Personal - Correspondence and Newspaper clippings regarding Sonny's school trip to Europe and Russia, 1970

Folder 28 - Personal - D.A. Turner YMCA Dedication and Fundraising Correspondence, 1980

Folder 29 - Personal - Family Photograph Album, 1930-1939

Folder 30 - Personal - Memorial Resolution by CB&T Bancshares, Inc for Columbus Roberts, Jr. dated 14 February 1975

Folder 31 - Personal - Newspaper Clippings about Reeves Family and Correspondence

Folder 32 - Personal - Photographs of Francis Reeves Hamlet and T.G. Reeves Family

Folder 33 - Personal - Photograph of T.G. Reeves and Mrs. Mae Reeves, n.d.

Folder 34 - Personal - Stock in Hardaway Contracting Company sold by T.G. Reeves, April 1940

Folder 35 - Personal - T.G. Reeves Board of County Commission Certificate, 1932 & 1939

Folder 36 - Personal - T.G. Reeves Condolence Letters and Newspaper Memorials, March 1974

Folder 37 - Personal - Unknown Photo of three children, c. 1900-1915

Box 2 - Framed/Large Materials

Folder 1 - Business - United Oil Corporation/ Shell Corporation Scrapbook pages

Folder 2 - Personal - Columbus Roberts, Jr. paperwork regarding sale of Coca-Cola Bottling Plant stocks, November 1969

Folder 3 - Personal - Photograph of T.G. Reeves, n.d.

Folder 4 - Wedding Photo album of Francis Reeves and C. Hamlett, May 1952

Item 1 - Plaque, commemorative - T.G. Reeves President of Columbus-Phenix City Fort Benning Chapter Association of the United States Army, 1957

Item 2 - Ledger, United Oil Corporation Common Stock Transfer Ledger thru #112, 1940's

Item 3 - Ledger, United Oil Corporation Common Stock Transfer Ledger, 1927

Item 4 - Medals, two Paul Harris Fellow medals presented to T.G. Reeves

Item 5 - Journal, Stock Holders meeting minuet book, 1927-1939 This journal consists of the very first meeting of the United Oil Corporation and itsfounding. It also lists investors and the amount they contributed.

Item 6 - Ledger, Account Book, 1957

Item 7 - Certificate of appreciation presented to T.G. Reeves from the YMCA, February 1960

Item 8 - Certificate of appreciation presented to T.G. Reeves from Post No. 5 of the American Legion

Item 9 - Framed photograph of T.G. Reeves

Item 10 - Framed letter to T.G. Reeves from members of the Chamber of Commerce, January 1944

Item 11 - Framed photograph of T.G. Reeves taken by Garrett's Photography studio

Item 12 - Scrapbook of the Columbus Red Birds baseball team associated with the St. Louis Cardinals, 1940's-1960's This scrapbook contains original photographs and their associated news articles relating to the various team members and those in the league.

Box 3 - Over Sized Items

Item 1 - Testimonial of Appreciation presented to T.G. Reeves by the Rotary Club of Columbus, 1939-1940

Item 2 - Merit of Appreciation presented to T.G. Reeves from the Rotary Club of Columbus, 1954

Item 3 - Certificate Appointment presented to T.G. Reeves to Lieutenant Colonel, Aide De Camp, Governor's Staff under Governor Griffin, 1955

Item 4 - Certificate of Appreciation to Mae H. Reeves to an honorary military position, 1969

Item 5 - Letter to T.G. Reeves from Judge T. Hicks Fort, presented on December 27, 1950

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