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W. Marion Page Collection (MC 398) - Columbus State University

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W. Marion Page Collection (MC 398)

Biographical Note

William Marion "Butch" Page was born on July 31, 1917 in Columbus, Georgia to Roger McKeene Page and Louise Olivia Seals. He had an older brother, Roger McKeene Page, Jr., and two sisters, Anne and Nettie. Page was a graduate of Columbus High School in 1934 and a graduate of the University of Georgia Law School in 1939. He was admitted to the Georgia State Bar in 1938. While at UGA, Page was a member of Sigma Nu, Phi Delta Phi, Demosthenian Honors, Omicron Delta Kappa, and the Varsity Debate team.

In 1941 Marion Page enlisted in the U.S. Army and assigned to the 66th Armored Regiment which saw combat in Sicily, Europe, and North Africa. He exited the military in 1946 with the rank of Major.

Marion Page married Lucy Quillian, born August 26, 1918, in 1941 in Manatee, Florida and together they had three children - John Roger, William Franklin, and Jane. Lucy enlisted in the Women's Army Corps (WAC) in November 1942 as an Aviation Cadet.

Scope and Content

The collection consists of personal letters, photographs, and memorabilia belonging to Marion "Butch" Page while he attended college at the University of Georgia and served in the U.S. Army from 1941-1946. Also included is a complete manuscript of The Lonely Hunter, a biography of Carson McCullers by Virginia Carr.

1929-1946 4 boxes (3 l.f.)

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W. Marion Page Collection (MC 398) Columbus State University Archives Columbus, Georgia


Gift of John Page in 2017

Note to Researchers

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Box and Folder/Item List

Box 1 - Personal Papers

Folder 1 - American College of Trial Lawyers; Roster, Bylaws, 1964-1965

Folder 2 - Boy Scouts

Folder 3 - The Cavalry Journal, November-December 1936

Folder 4 - Columbus High School Photos and Memorabilia from Roger Page 1923

Folder 5 - Columbus High School Plays and Memorabilia from Marion Page, 1933-1934

Folder 6 - Contents of UGA Yearbooks Belonging to Marion Page, 1935-1939

Folder 7 - "Fond Thoughts of CHS" are back with Cohiscan, September 14, 1975

Folder 8 - Graduation Announcement from Towson High School for William F. Page, 1968

Folder 9 - John R. Page Military Record, 1969

Folder 10 - Last Publication of the Evening Columbus Ledger, January 15, 1988

Folder 11 - Law Lectures by A.W. Cozart, Columbus Bar (Autographed Copy)

Folder 12 - Liberty Bonds Posters, World War I

Folder 13 - Map of Columbus, Georgia 1861-1963 by Geo. J. Burrus, 1928

Folder 14 - Map of Muscogee County, Georgia, 1907

Folder 15 - Marion Page Personal Memorabilia

Folder 16 - Marion T. Seals, Lost at Sea Newspaper Coverage, 1910

Folder 17 - Memories of Fred H. Schombera, Jr., 1881-1972

Folder 18 - "The Millionaire's Colony," Wynnton, Saturday Evening, Nov. 30, 1929

Folder 19 - Notes for Sunday School Class Taught by W.M. Page

Folder 20 - The Nathan Burkan Memorial Competition, 1938 This publication is produced by the American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers. Marion Page entered "Copyright Laws in Georgia History"

Folder 21 - Page Family Christmas Cards

Folder 22 - Photographs of Marion Page

Folder 23 - Postcards to Marion Page from his brother Roger, 1924 & 1925

Folder 24 - "Profiles - From Rabun Gap to Tybee Light," The New Yorker, Feb. 6, 1978

Folder 25 - Roger McKeene Page, Jr. ROTC Certificate, 1926

Folder 26 - Swimming and Diving Instructor's Manual, American Red Cross, 1944 (revised)

Folder 27 - William Page's Obituary, Nov. 17, 2008

Folder 28 - World War I Photographs of British Royal Air Force Belonging to Roger M. Page

Folder 29 - "Agency," UGA Class Notes, winter, 1939

Folder 30 - "Bankruptcy," UGA Class Notes, Spring 1939

Folder 31 - "Briefs and Class Notes on Rights of Land," UGA Class Notes, spring 1937

Folder 32 - "Conflicts," UGA Class Notes, Spring 1939

Folder 33 - "Contracts," UGA Class Notes, 1937-1938

Folder 34 - "Corporation," UGA Class Notes, Winter 1938-1939

Folder 35 - "Criminal Law," UGA Class Notes, nd

Folder 36 - "Equity," UGA Class Notes, Fall-Winter 1937-1938

Folder 37 - "Evidence," UGA Class Notes, Fall 1937

Folder 38 - "Federal Procedure," UGA Class Notes, Fall 1938

Folder 39 - "Georgia Practice," UGA Class Notes, Spring 1919

Folder 40 - "Insurance," UGA Class Notes, Winter 1938-1939

Folder 41 - "Jurisprudence," UGA Class Notes, Spring 1939

Folder 42 - Miscellaneous UGA Class Notes

Folder 43 - "Negotiable Instruments," UGA Class Notes, Winter 1938

Folder 44 - "Persons," UGA Class Notes, Winter 1936-1937

Folder 45 - "Pleading and Practice," UGA Class Notes, Spring 1937

Folder 46 - "Property I," UGA Class Notes, Fall 1936-1937

Folder 47 - "Public Corporations," UGA Class Notes, Spring 1938

Folder 48 - "Public Utilities," UGA Class Notes, Fall 1937

Folder 49 - Sigma Nu Fraternity, University of Georgia, 1936, 1938, 1964

Folder 50 - "Suretyship," Cases and Materials, UGA, 1937

Folder 51 - "Taxation," UGA Class Notes, Spring 1938

Folder 52 - "Torts," UGA Class Notes, winter and Spring 1936-1937

Folder 53 - University of Georgia Glee Club and Theater Programs, 1936-1937

Folder 54 - University of Georgia Newspaper Clippings, c. 1930s

Folder 55 - "Wills," UGA Class Notes, spring 1939

Box 2 - Army Manuals and Military Memorabilia

Folder 1 - Army Insignia Belonging to Marion Page 1941-1946

Folder 2 - Army Issued Weapons Manuals to W.M. Page during WWII

Folder 3 - Basic Field Manuals, War Department, "Soldiers Handbook" & "Military Courtesy and Discipline," Series FM 21-100 and FM 21-50

Folder 4 - Basic Field Manuals, War Department, "Infantry Drill Regulations," Series FM 22-5

Folder 5 - Basic Field Manuals, War Department, Various Weapons Training, Series FM 23-10, 23, 30, 80 (.30 Caliber, Bayonet, Hand Grenades, and M5 Tank Gun)

Folder 6 - Basic Field Manuals, War Department, "Motor Transport," Series FM 25-10

Folder 7 - Basic Field Manuals, War Department, "Military Intelligence," June 1941 This manual deals in identification of foreign armored vehicles for both Axis and Allies

Folder 8 - Basic Field Manuals, War Department, "Jungle Warfare," Series FM 31-20

Folder 9 - "Brave Men" by Ernie Pyle, 1943 This book was received by Major Wm. Page on June 7, 1945 at FeCamp, France

Folder 10 - Cavalry Field Manuals, War Department, Volumes I-III

Folder 11 - "Company Administration and Personnel Records," October 1940

Folder 12 - Cultural Informational and Language Booklets, WWII, U.S. Army Issued This folder contains booklets regarding German, French, and British culturesFolder 13 - "Digest of opinions of The Judge Advocate General," Supplement VIII, 1931-1938

Folder 14 - Judge Advocate General's Department - Army Regulations No. 25-5, 1942

Folder 15 - Junior ROTC Manual, Vol. III, October 1955

Folder 16 - Letters to Marion Page, from his mother, July 1945

Folder 17 - "A Manual for Courts-Martial U.S. Army, 1928

Folder 18 - Maps of England sent by W. Marion Page to himself + Letter of Observations, 1943

Folder 19 - "A More of Less Complete Story of What's Been Going on With Me Overseas," 1942-1945

Folder 20 - "New Soldier's Handbook, The Infantry Journal," issued to Lucy Q. Page

Folder 21 - "The Soldiers Handbook, the Infantry Journal," issued to W. Marion Page

Folder 22 - Scrapbook for Marion Page in World War II

Folder 23 - World War II Paper Memorabilia and Dog Tag

Folder 24 - World War II Ration Cards for Lucy Q. Page and Marion Page, 1943

Box 3: Oversize Items

Item 1 - Holy Bible, Red Letter edition, given to Marion Page by his mother, 1938

Item 2 - Columbus High School Diploma, Marion Page, 1934

Item 3 - Junior Promotion Diploma, St. Luke's Church School, 1929

Item 4 - University of Georgia Diploma, 1939

Folder 1 - Proclamation for "W. Marion "Butch" Page Day," October 11, 2007

Folder 2 - European Maps Used by W. Marion Page while Fighting During World War II

Folder 3 - Lucy Quillian Page, W.A.C. Personnel File

Folder 4 - U.S. Rifle, Caliber .30 M1 Mechanical Training, Infantry School, Fort Benning, 1940

Folder 5 - W. Marion Page, U.S. Army Personnel File

Folder 6 - Boy Scout Uniform Sash with Merit Badges Belonging to Marion Page

Folder 7 - Italian Naval Ensign Flag Captured During World War II This flag was used by the Italian Navy during World War II, using the shield of Sardinia. It was in use from 1848 to 1946.

Box 4 - Complete Manuscript for The Lonely Hunter: A Biography of Carson McCullers by Virginia Spencer Carr

Note to Researchers: The manuscript is split into three black notebooks divided by chapters. It is unknown how Marion Page ended up with the manuscript.

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