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Sydney Smith Collection (MC383) - Columbus State University

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Sydney Smith Collection (MC383)

Biographical Note

Sydney Smith is a lawyer in Phenix City, Alabama.

Scope and Content

This collection focuses on the areas of Russell and Lee Counties in Alabama, but includes some material relating to Columbus, Georgia as well. It includes the incorporation of Girard, (later renamed Phenix City), the Marshall Reserve and Broken Arrow, the history of Phenix City and Girard and the Civil War fortifications. Numerous geological survey maps of the area are included, in addition to maps of the Georgia side of the Chattahoochee River. The law office and real estate materials of Isaac Isaiah Moses are included in Box 2 of oversized materials. Mr. Moses was born in 1872, died in 1957 and is buried in Girard Cemetery. He and his wife Ida lived on Sandford Road. His mother was Mary A. Moses and his daughter was named Isabell. He was an insurance agent, real estate agent and notary public. The first Isaac Moses was a first cousin to Raphael J. Moses of Esquiline Plantation in Columbus, Georgia.

Permission to Publish

Permission to publish material from the Sydney Smith Collection must be obtained from the Columbus State University Archives at Columbus State University. Use of the following credit line for publication or exhibit is required:

Sydney Smith Collection (MC 383) Columbus State University Archives Columbus, Georgia


This collection was donated in three parts by Sydney Smith and Lenora Smith McCalley on November 14, 2016, December 13, 2017 and March 19, 2018.

Note to Researchers

See also:

MC244 Billy G. Page Papers

Topics for researchers: Creek Indians, Yuchi Indians, Battle of Columbus, Georgia

Box List

Box 1

Folder 1 - Act creating the Board of Revenue and Road, January 1939

Folder 2 - Act to incorporate the City of Girard, Russell County, Alabama, 1890-1891

Folder 3 - Airport controversy between Phenix City, Alabama and Columbus, Georgia

Folder 4 - Alabama-Georgia Opelika Quadrangle Geological Survey Map, February 1909/1949

Folder 5 - Alabama Historic Inventory, Russell County, 1979-1980

Folder 6 - Audit of Girard, Alabama, 1922

Folder 7 - Audit report by City Clerk to Receivers of Phenix City, Alabama, 1940

Folder 8 - Audit reports for city of Phenix City, Alabama, 1933, 1936, 1939

Folder 9 - Audit reports for Phenix City (Alabama) Water Works, 1933, 1936, 1938, 1939

Folder 10 - Archaeological surveys, 1959 These include "The Averett Culture", Coweta Memorial Association, 1959 by David W. Chase and "An Historical Indian Town site in Russell County, Alabama"

Folder 11 - Bank book of Mrs. P.Y.M. Crapps with Columbus Savings Bank, a Trust company, Columbus, Georgia, circa 1925-1929

Folder 12 - Bartram Trail in Alabama

Folder 13 - Business and Occupational License, Tax Ordinances, Supplementary Data, City of Phenix City, Alabama, 1962

Folder 14 - Compiled Index to Local Laws of Russell County, Alabama 1962This references changes in the County borders.

Folder 15 - Confederate defenses/forts; includes maps for Battle of Columbus and Battle of Girard

Folder 16 - Copies from Alabama Archives 1920

Folder 17 - "The Creek War" by Harold Coulter, 1975, Phenix Citizen, 1975This is a reprint of the May 27, 1836 Columbus Enquirer

Folder 18 - Deed for Marshall Reserve to Benjamin Marshall by Andrew Jackson (copy) 1832

Folder 19 - Fort Apalachicola (Florida)

Folder 20 - Fort Mims, Alabama Indian attack, 30 Aug. 1813

Folder 21 - Georgia Talbotton Quadrangle Map, U.S. Geologic Survey 1907/1936 This covers Muscogee, Harris, Talbot, Meriwether, and Troupe counties

Folder 22 - Geologic survey maps, 1932-1933 These show the boundary lines between Russell and Lee County, Alabama prior to the land swap of 1932-1933

Folder 23 - Geologic survey map This shows the Russell and Lee County boundary lines after the 1932-33 land swap. Phenix City North becomes Russell County. It also shows the railroad route.

Folder 24 - Hand drawn map of Broken Arrow and Bickerstaff lands adjacent to Ft. Mitchell National Cemetery

Folder 25 - Historic Structure-site survey, Russell County, Alabama

Folder 26 - History of Chattahoochee County, Georgia by N.K. Rogers, 1933

Folder 27 - History of Russell County, Alabama

Folder 28 - Indian Arrowhead

Folder 29 - Isaac Isaiah Moses family, 1015 Sandford Road, Phenix City, Alabama

Folder 30 - Land Use Plan in Phenix City, 1954, UR ALA 10-1 Maps, Abstracts and photographs

Folder 31 Letters from J.B. Gore, Fancy Groceries, to Roy, 1937

Folder 32 - Map of Phenix City, Alabama 1948

Folder 33 - Martin Theatre Trial, 1936 This concerns a boy named Glenn Pope, who fell in the fan.

Folder 34 - Microfilm list of Russell County newspapers at Chattahoochee Valley Community College Library, 1980

Folder 35 - Museum proposals

Folder 36 - Newspaper articles on miscellaneous subjects

Folder 37 - Old fort discovery

Folder 38 - Paddy Carr article from Ledger Enquirer-Sun, (copy) November 1, 1890

Folder 39 - Petrographic study letter to Sen. Joseph Smith, 1963

Folder 40 - Phenix Citizen Herald, 1972 This includes articles on Columbus, Georgia and Fort Benning.

Folder 41 - Phenix Citizen Sesquicentennial edition Part One, Apr. 29, 1982

Folder 42 - Phenix City Planning Commission, 1953-1957 This folder contains a Housing Conditions and Neighborhood analysis of 1957, subdivision regulations from 1953, and Zoning Ordinances from 1955. There are also maps.

Folder 43 - Photograph of Russell County courthouse, Phenix City, Alabama, 1938

Folder 44 - Photograph of a column at the former Russell County Courthouse in Seale, Alabama

Folder 45 - Photographs of Hawthorne apartment area, Phenix City, Alabama

Folder 46 - Photographs of The Original Barbecue Café, 1954

Folder 47 - Publications of Phenix City, Alabama

Folder 48 - Roanoke, Stewart County, Georgia

Folder 49 - Russell County Grand Jury Reports, 1860-1866

Folder 50 - "See No Evil: the History of Organized Crime and Corruption in Phenix City, Alabama"; honors thesis submitted to Duke University by Genevieve L. Henderson, May 1962

Folder 51 - Telegrams concerning Defense Public Works Programs

Folder 52 - Trunk Line Sanitary Sewer and Extensions, specifications, Phenix City, Alabama, 1942

Folder 53 - Warranty deed from F.W. Williams to F. M. Knowles, lot 229, Girard, Alabama, 1891

Folder 54 - Yuchi Indian Tribe

Folder 55 - Creek Indian tribes

Folder 56 - Slides, 1974 This folder contains 2 boxes: box 1 - Broken Arroe, 1974 and box 2 - Fort App. And Conference, December 1974

Box 2

Folder 1 - Building lots for sale, Phenix City, Alabama

Folder 2 - Invoice from Williams Lumber Company, 1934, to I.I. Moses

Folder 3 - Ladonia Baptist Church Cemetery, Russell County, Alabama

Folder 4 - Ledger records 1952-1955

Folder 5 - Notes handwritten by I.I. Moses, nd

Folder 6 - Portrait of Jim Allen, signed, to Isabel A. Moses, 1967

Folder 7 - Property maps, Phenix City, Alabama

Folder 8 - Property map of I. I. Moses, lot 9 of Totten's Block 278, Phenix City and that of Dr. Alice Moses

Folder 9 - Ledger of the estate of Dr. Moses, and Mrs. Levy This contains personal and rental property information, as wells as names and addresses

Folder 10 - Posters (3) of Vote for H. Dent Price, Tax Collector of Russell County, 1942

Folder 11 - Aerial photo map of Fortson, Georgia, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, 1952

Folder 12 - 14 Geological Survey Maps, 1955-1965 These include (1) Fort Mitchell Quadrangle, 1955, (2) Phenix City Quadrangle, 1955, (3) Union Quadrangle Ga/Al, 1955, (4) Crawford Quadrangle, 1955, (5) Phenix City Quadrangle, 1955, (6) Lanett South Quadrangle, 1964, (7) Pittsview Quadrangle, 1957, (8) Omaha Quadrangle, 1957, (9) Beulah Quadrangle, 1965, (10) Smiths Quadrangle, 1965, (11) Columbus Quadrangle (2 copies), 1955, (12) Bartlett's Ferry Dam Quadrangle, 1965, (13) Lanett North Quadrangle, 1964, and (14) Bleeker Quadrangle, 1964

Folder 13 - Annotated map of Civil War forts, and gun placements in Phenix City, Alabama

Oversized materials housed in Map Case 15 Drawer 1

Item 1 - Community Cemetery map of plots and 2 receipts from funeral homes in 1978

Item 2 - Phenix City/Girard, Alabama map by Sanborn Map Company, 1922

Item 3 - Map of Creek Territory in Alabama 1833 from the United States surveys, 1833

Item 4 - Hand-drawn map of Marshell's Reserve (note spellings) on the Alabama side of Chattahoochee River

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