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Westville Records (MC 348)

Organizational Note

Westville is a living history museum village located just outside Lumpkin, Georgia, with over 30 authentically restored and furnished antebellum buildings on 82 acres of land that includes the village, pasture, and fields. The buildings were moved onto the museum site to create an authentic village environment. Westville preserves, demonstrates, and interprets the life and culture of pre-1860 west Georgia. This is accomplished by maintaining an authentic village environment, collecting and preserving artifacts, demonstrating traditional work skills, and providing tours, workshops, and special events. For special events, "townspeople" in period dress demonstrate woodworking, baking, pottery turning, blacksmithing, and other skills from the mid-19th century. Buildings include a courthouse, church, school, stores, craft shops, residences, and cotton plantation buildings.

The history of Westville is connected to Lt. Col. John Word West, a history professor at North Georgia College in Dahlonega. West was born in 1876 at a critical time of change in Georgia due to dramatic economic and social changes caused by the recent American Civil War (1861-65). Also, the great changes were brought on by the new growth of Atlanta and the subsequent decline of farming. As a child West spent many hours listening to his grandparents talk about the old way of life that was disappearing. West listened intently and absorbed the stories and learned the old skills. Later he would convert those experiences into his own museum where he preserved those stories and old skills. A high school and college teacher, West committed himself and his own money in 1928 to saving "Georgiana" - the buildings, tools, furniture, and work skills of Georgia's settlement. He admired the work of two other Americans who also took history into their own hands: Rockefeller and Ford. John D. Rockefeller, Jr. (Standard Oil Company) had started Colonial Williamsburg in Virginia in 1927. Henry Ford (automobile maker) had started Greenfield Village in Dearborn, Michigan in 1928. West engaged both men for advice and may have even traded artifacts with Ford. In 1928 John West opened "The Fair of 1850" on old Highway 41 in Jonesboro, Georgia, about twenty miles south of Atlanta. For West, the Fair was the Deep South version of Williamsburg and Greenfield Village. From 1932 to 1934, he moved the oldest buildings in his collection to the Fair's site. One of those buildings he moved to Jonesboro was his grandparents log house that he spent so much time in as a youth. Perhaps just as importantly, he and others demonstrated the "old-fashioned" crafts for the visitors - woodworking, cloth-making, open-hearth cooking, shoe-making, and the like.

West's cause was greater than his teacher's salary. It also turned out to be larger than the vision of Georgia's political leadership. West tried and failed to get the State to take over his project before he died in 1961.

The Fair, however, was far from finished. Its rescue came from deep within rural Georgia and not from state government in Atlanta. Five years after West's death, the citizens of Stewart County decided to create a new industry - heritage tourism. Stewart County was at the time making a transition away from its traditional agricultural economy. The county still had many buildings and artifacts from the pre-Civil War days. It also had people who had grown up with the handicrafts that West loved. In some respects, then, the Stewart County of 1850 still existed in 1966.

Dr. Joseph Mahan

The salvation of the West collection came from a colleague who know John West, and probably spent time as a youth at his Fair of 1850 - Dr. Joseph Mahan, curator of the Columbus Museum of Arts and Crafts (now Columbus Museum). Mahan took on the saving of West's legacy as his personal mission. Over dinner one evening at the Singers, Mahan explained the West Collection and his vision for the creation of a village where historic houses could be moved and saved, historic crafts and trades performed, and employ locals in the process. With much encouragement and leadership from Joseph Mahan, he received for the museum the donation of 59 acres of land on the south side of Lumpkin. Thus the establishment of Westville Historic Handicrafts occurred in June, 1966.

Historic Westville, Inc.

By 1969, the new museum had purchased the West Collection and opened to the public in Spring 1970. The six oldest buildings at the Jonesboro site were moved to Westville, along with many West artifacts. The rest of the collection has been assembled mostly by donation from many different people. In 2001 Westville Historic Handicrafts became Historic Westville with the goal of expanding interpretation from handicrafts to interpreting living history, demonstrations and crafts while telling the story of west Georgia history.

Today, we can appreciate John West's contribution in a larger context. With the exception of a few years in the 1960s, West's project has demonstrated "Georgiana" to the public continuously since 1928. Historic Westville therefore can rightly claim to be rooted in the third-oldest living-history project in America. Westville remains the lasting legacy of John West.

New site

In 2014 Westville's executive board, chaired by Tripp Blankenship, decided to move the living history museum to Columbus, Georgia, about 40 miles away. The village closed in December of 2015 with plans to re-open in 2017 in its new location.

Source: Wikipedia article on Westville: (

Scope and Content

This collection consists mostly of the administrative records of the Westville organization, including visitor records, financial records, research materials, inter-organizational communications and some materials from John Mahan, one of the founders of the Lumpkin phase of Westville. 1915-2013 7 boxes (7 c.f.)

Permission to Publish

Permission to publish material from Westville Records must be obtained from the Columbus State University Archives at Columbus State University. Use of the following credit line for publication or exhibit is required:

Westville Records (MC 348) Columbus State University Archives Columbus, Georgia


These records were deposited with the CSU Archives by the board of Westville in 2014.

Note to Researchers

Financial records are closed until 2020.

See also: Joseph Mahan Collection (MC 32)

Box List

Series 1 - Westville Research

Box 1

  • Folder 1 - A Guide to Selected Upper Cretaceous and Lower Tertiary Outcrops in the Lower Chattahoochee River Valley of Georgia, by William E. Marsalis and Michael S. Friddell, 1975
  • Folder 2 - Army NAF Contracting, 2012
  • Folder 3 - Brack to the Future Fort Benning Event, September 23, 2011
  • Folder 4 - Brochures
    • This folder contains:
      • Follow the Stagecoach Trail, Lumpkin, Georgia, 2011Westville Legacy Awards (3 copies)Cotton Ginning and Rural Life in Georgia Special Exhibits (1850-1900) (3 copies)A Remedy for Every Ill: Hatchett's Drugstore and the Evolution of American PharmacyFort Frederica, National Monument, Georgia, 1965Westville, Where it is Always 1850"Guide to the Preparation of Theses", the Graduate School the University of the North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 1968Chattahoochee County Courthouse at Westville, the Supreme Court of Georgia in Session at Westville, April 24, 1997 (3 copies)"Living History in Georgia, the Westville Outdoor Museum Preserves the Past", by James S. Wamsley in Architectural Digest, August 1999 (3 copies)The Arts in the South, the Twenty-Fourth Annual Williamsburg Antiques Forum, January 23-28, 1972On the Road: Historic Westville's Education Programs are Coming to You!! (3 postcards) Westville 1966-1986: A History of Westville Historic Handicrafts, Inc. by Sandra Dixon, June 1986Westville: A Working 1850 Town, 2004 Special EventsThe Story of Cotton: Nature's Food & Fiber Plant (3 copies)An American Patriot Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow, Since 1607 (3 copies)Lincoln's New Salem State Historic SiteSummer Sculpture Workshop, Alexander G. Weygers, Studio Carmel, CaliforniaWestville Legacy Awards, 2013 (2 copies)Westville History Alive Drive, Facts (2 copies)Westville: Georgia's Working 1850 Town, Lumpkin, GA (2 copies)Providence Canyon State Park, Lumpkin, GA (2 postcards)A Bedroom in the Motor House of Dearborn Inn, Dearborn, Michigan (Postcard)Interior Blacksmith Shop, Greenfield Village, Dearborn, MichiganThe Lobby of Dearborn Inn's Motor House, Dearborn, Michigan (Postcard)The Noah Webster House, Greenfield Village, Dearborn, Michigan (Postcard)The Street of Shops, Greenfield Village, Dearborn, Michigan (Postcard)Plympton and Susquehanna Houses, Greenfield Village, Dearborn, Michigan (Postcard)The Candle Maker, Henry ford Museum, Dearborn, Michigan (Postcard)Parade on the Village Green, Greenfield Village, Dearborn, Michigan (Postcard)The McGuffey Building of the Motor House of Dearborn Inn, Dearborn, Michigan (Postcard)
  • Folder 5 - Brochure Room, Participation Agreement (Marketing), 2012 This folder contains:Handwritten NotesSCHC Annual Meeting & Maps, April 27, 1999Purchase OrdersPhoto Reproductions of the "Meyer-Mayo Home" and the "Cheney-Mogford-Deese Home"Annual Meeting Invitation, 1994MinutesCouncil Currents: Newsletter of the Governor's Development Council - Correspondence
  • Folder 6 - Chamber of Commerce
  • Folder 7 - Chairs and Chairs Making This folder contains:"Mountain Chair makers" in Scenic South, August 1962"Windsor Chair" in Furniture Antiques Found in Virginia, by Ernest Carlyle Lynch, 1954"Rock Back Chair" in American Country Furniture, by Ralph and Jerry Konel, 1965"French Chairs or Armchairs" in Charleston Furniture, 1700-1825, by E. Milly Burton, 1953"When Your Chair Need Caning" in Southern Living
  • Folder 8 - Ceramic Products - Portland, Oregon This folder contains:Bank Kiln, Control Firing (Asiatic Origin)Climbing Kiln, the Secret of High-Fire (Orient)Open Top Kiln, Firing Technique (Africa, Spain, Iraq and Crete)Kiln Fire, Fuel Forests (China)Clay Crusher, Preparation of ClayRaku Kiln, Raku Ware, (Korean)Ke-Rokuro, Origin of the Potter's Wheel (Mesopotamia, China)Solar Kiln, Kiln Temperatures (Europe)Open Fire Kiln, Ancient Methods Recreated (American Southwest)Petuntse, Mining and Preparation (China)Wheel of Ur, Balanced Symmetry (Mesopotamia)
  • Folder 9 - Civil War - Secession Postcards, 2012
  • Folder 10 - Research Files: Cooking/Table Decorations/Food Preservation This folder contains:Early American Kitchens, Telfair Academy of Arts and Sciences, 1927 (Brochure)Samplings from Westville's Syrup Kettle (Handmade Booklet) Hearth Cookery: Authentic Recipes from Americas' Past, compiled by Violet Moore Customs on the Table Top: How New England Housewives Set Out Their Tables, by Helen Sprackling, Old Sturbridge Village, Massachusetts"The Oldest America Colonial Cookery", by William Styron in McCall's, July 1968"Entertaining in America in the Eighteenth Century", by Louise Conway Belden in Antiques, December 1986 The Festive Tradition: Table Decoration and Desserts in America, 1650-1900, by Louise Conway Belden, 1983Tullie's Receipts: Nineteenth Century Plantation Plain Style Southern Cooking and Living The Carolina Housewife, by Sarah Rutledge, 1935 The Virginia House-Wife, by Mary Randolph, 1824"It's Time to Braid the Onions: The Traditional Onion String Stores Well for the Winter and is Decorative, Too" - Newspaper clipping - Correspondence - Handwritten Notes
  • Folder 11 - Co-Op 2006, 2007, 2008 This folder contains:Correspondence by E-mailHandwritten NotesGeorgia Tourism Co-Op Brand Standards, Identity & Logo Usage Guide, 20062007-2008 Tourism Marketing Co-Op Program: Application2006-2007 Tourism Marketing Co-Op Program: ApplicationEufaula National Wildlife Refuge, September 2007 (Brochure)Welcome Richland, GA, Drive-by Whistle Stop Tour (Brochure)Pig fest, Richland, GA (Brochure)Eufaula National Wildlife Refuge Hunting and Fishing Regulations, 2007-2008 (Brochure)Westville 2007 Special Events (Brochure)Westville Visit an 1850's Living History Museum (Brochure)Historic Westville, Education Programs and Tours with Georgia Performance Standards and National Curriculum Standards (Brochures, 2 copies)
  • Folder 12 - Co-Op Events - County Marketing This folder contains:2007-2008 Tourism Marketing Co-Op Program: ApplicationStewart County Tourism InventoryThe Smith-Alston House, Richland, Stewart County (Description)The County Courthouse in Georgia (Description)"Rood Mounds: A Plan for Discussion", Lower Chattahoochee Valley Planning & Development Commission, by Joe Mahan, CuratorStewartNational Register of Historic Places InventoryNomination Forms, 1976Historical Marker Summary, prepared by Lower Chattahoochee Area Planning and Development Commission
  • Folder 13 - Coshocton Performing Arts and Conference Center (Brochure) New Star Campaign
  • Folder 14 - Costume: General (Research Files) This folder contains:Handwritten NotesQuiltmaker: The Pattern Magazine for Today's Quilters, Fall/Winter 1985Women's Work in Early America - 10 Different Note Cards with Envelopes showing typical Activities in the Life of Many Women in Early America
  • Folder 15 - Costumes (Research Files) This folder contains:Costumes in the Yellow Pages - "The Brigade of the American Revolution", B.A.R. Ruffled Cap Pattern, 1962
  • Folder 16 - Crafts Courses (Research Files) This folder contains:Penland 73 Faculty (Penland School of Crafts, in North Carolina, 1929)The John C. Campbell Folk School, Brasstown, North Carolina, 1973/1974 (Courses Offered are: Woodcarving, Weaving, Woodwork, Dried Flower Craft, Vegetable Dyeing, Ironwork, Quilting, Basketry, Macram√©, Inkle Loom Weaving, Straw Ornaments, Christmas Decorations)Arrowmont School of Crafts, 1973Handwritten NotesSaturday courses at Westville (Traditional Crafts), 1974
  • Folder 17 - Craft Shops: Crafts This folder contains: Whimmy Diddle Time, by Mary J. Hooper (Toy)Holliday Delights (Catalog), 1989American Crafts Council, Summer Fairs and Festivals, 1971
  • Folder 18 - Craftsmen at Westville-Backgrounds (Craft Stores)
  • Folder 19 - Crafts at Westville (Craft Stores)
  • Folder 20 - Craft Stores: Suppliers, Paper Crafts, 1984
  • Folder 21 - Crafts at Unicol, by Susan K. Wood, February 1978
  • Folder 22 - Craft Stores: S.W.E.A.T. Directory (Personal Copy), 1984 This folder contains:The Rag: Society of Workers in Early Arts and Trades, Number 3, November 1984The Directory of the Society of Workers in Early Arts and Trades, Shewing the Craft of Trade of Each and the Level of Skill Demonstrated or Alleged, November 1984
  • Folder 23 - Craft Stores: Potential Activities: Contacts, 1985
  • Folder 24 - Crafts Textile, Natural Dying (Research Files) This folder contains:Dyes, NaturaGeneral Rules for Mordanting and Dyeing WoolHome Dyeing with Natural Dyes, by Margaret S. Furry, December 1935Creative Hobby: Natural Dyeing Here's everything you Need to Know, Plus All the Ingredients and Equipment it Takes, to Create your Own Dyes from natural Sources, Like Plants and FoodstuffsSeveral RecipesHow to Make and Use Natural Dyes in Country Home and Kitchen Ideas, Winter 1982Natural Dyes: A Rainbow of Color from Common Plants"Fair Spins Magic", by Violet Moore in the Atlanta Journal and Constitution, October 15, 1972
  • Folder 25 - Crafts, Possible (Research Files) 1980s This folder contains;Decorate Your Home for Christmas with Fabrics from Calico Corners!PatternsCatalogIdeasBaby Bootie Boutique (Catalog)
  • Folder 26 - Distribution of Kaolin and Fullers Earth Mines and Plants in Georgia and North Florida (Map)
  • Folder 27 - Dried Flowers (Research Files)
  • Folder 28 - Early American Life, 2000s This folder contains:Correspondence (e-mails)"Westville, Georgia: As Close as you Can Get" (newspaper clipping), by Mimi Handler, 2004
  • Folder 29 - Educational Brochures - Teacher Info, 1999, 2012 This folder contains:Several Westville Brochures with different colorsCorrespondenceHistoric Westville, Educational Programs and OpportunitiesHistoric Westville School Tours and Programs"Students get Taste of Pioneer Life "by Anastasia Scarborough in the Eufaula Tribune, April 27, 2011
  • Folder 30 - Exhibit Techniques (Research Files), 1973
  • Folder 31 - "Experience in Living History" Teacher's Guide E.S.E.A. Title III, 1972
  • Folder 32 - Floor Covering (Research Files) This folder contains;"Floor Cloths" Soon to be seen in the White House, Canvas Covering are Elegant, Durable, and Historically Correct, by Constance StapletonOrchard House Floor Cloths, Care and Use"Making Painted Canvas Floor Cloths" by Ronald W. Pilling in Early American Life, August 1978"Painted Floor Cloths New Cottage Industry" by Patricia Leigh Brown"Do Tread on Me" the Palettes and Patterns of Past Centuries Emerge in the Floor Cloths Nancy Cayford Creates for Historic Homes, by Matthew Clarkson in Americana, October 1991"There's a Moth in my Tapestry" by Joan H. BuckCorrespondence with Philadelphia Carpet Company, April 29, 1976
  • Folder 33 - Founding of Westville, August 31, 1968 This folder contains:Inauguration of Westville, Springer Opera House, Columbus, GA, June 9, 1966McDonald House, 1843 Program on the Occasion of the Founding of the Town of Westville, Lumpkin, GA, August 31, 1968Buildings that Should be in Place by Mid-April (Spring 1970?)
  • Folder 34 - Fraktur (Research Files)"The Art of Fraktur" by Lois Harting in Early American Life
  • Folder 35 - Furniture Placement (Research Files) 1984 This folder contains:Westville Furnishings Rationale"The White House of the Confederacy" in the Museum of the Confederacy News, # 2, Summer, Autumn"Candlelight", by Jane C. Nylander, Senior Curator, Old Sturbridge Village, April, 1985"Historic Houses: an Approach to Furnishing" by Nina Fletcher Little (Leaflet)"The American Home: Part I - "Centre and Circumference: the American Domestic Scene in the Age of the Enlightenment", by Elisabeth Donaghy Garret
  • Folder 36 - GA PTA Family Engagement Conference, February 16/18, 2012 This folder contains:Exhibitor InformationConference Keynote SpeakersHotel ReservationsExhibitor and Sponsorship Pricing - Sponsorship Information
  • Folder 37 - "Georgia Neighbors", Farm Bureau Magazine, Vol. 16, # 2, Fall 2011
  • Folder 38 - GHTA (Georgia Hospitality and Travel Association) 1980s - 2000s This folder contains:CorrespondenceGeorgia Festival Council Information Form; Georgia Bed & Breakfast Council Directory, Order FormDonation Guidelines, Silent Auction, November 4, 20021999 Calendar of Festival Events Listing FormPurchase OrdersGeorgia on my Mind 1996, Travel Listing FormGeorgia on my Mind 1992, Travel directory Listing FormCertified Hospitality Industry Professional Study GuideApplication for Professional Certification Certified Hospitality Industry ProfessionalGHTA Membership Certificate, 1986
  • Folder 39 - GISA (Georgia Independent School Association, Inc.) Annual Conference, November 7, 2011, November 4, 2012 This folder contains:CorrespondenceExhibitor InformationProgram2011 GISA Annual Conference, November 7, 2011AgreementGISA 2012-2013 General Directory of Member Schools
  • Folder 40 - "Hydrogeology of the Providence Aquifer of Southwest Georgia" by john S. Clarke, Robert E. Faye and Rebekah Brooks (Maps)
  • Folder 41 - Interpretation (Research files) This folder contains:Interpretation Workshop"Three in One" by Sharon Sorenson in Americana (Interpretation Techniques Candle wicking)"Pedalin' Back to 1850" by Bill Cutler in Browns Guide to Georgia, November, December 1974"Thomas Day, Cabinet Maker" in Colonial Homes, January, February 1982"Sponge Ware" by Tamara Greeman in Americana, March 1977"Rebuses" by Arnold Grade in Americana, January 1977"Roses of the Past" by Doris L. Swarthout in Americana, March 1977"Cook Over an Open Fireplace" by Carolyn Jabs in Americana, January, February 1981"Collecting American Samplers Today" by Betty Ring in Antiques, June 1972"American Country Tin ware" by Margaret Mattison Coffin in Arts & Antiques, November, December 1980"Early Georgia Furniture Made Before 1830" in Georgia Life, Autumn 1976"The Treasure of Georgia Furniture" by Beth Bassett in Brown's Guide to Georgia, July 1980"Greenesboro Clocks" by Frank Smith Woodling in Georgia Life, spring 1979"Notes on Blue and White" by Franck Smith Woodling in Georgia Life, Autumn 1979"Dorflinger Glass" by Kathryn Hait Dorflinger Manchee in Antiques, April 1972"How to Make a Doll" "Cornhusk Dolls" by Leonard Todd in Americana, November 1976 (2 copies)"Reverse Glass Painting" by Gary Walther in Americana, May, June 1981"Historian at the Stove" by Ruth Hoover Seitz in Americana, January, February 1984"Philena Moxley's Embroidery Stamps" by Irene Dodge in Antiques, August 1972"On the Stump at Conner Prairie" by Nancy Kriplen
  • Folder 42 - Land Grant from the State of Georgia, Wood, Thomas, 1826, 1831
  • Folder 43 - Magazines, 1990s - 2000s This folder contains:CorrespondencePress Release 20062005 Georgia Travel Media Marketplace MediaHandwritten NotesWestville Misc. National Magazines, October 16, 1996Westville Misc. National List, April 23, 1996Press ReleasesAddress Labels
  • Folder 44 - Mail out Fliers, 1998
  • Folder 45 - Manuscript of "Pot Liquor" by Billy Winn & Letter from Mercer University Press, 2000
  • Folder 46 - Maps of the City of Lumpkin and Stewart County (3 copies)
  • Folder 47 - Marketing, 1990s - 2000s This folder contains:CorrespondenceHandwritten NotesNewspaper ClippingsWestville 2000 Special Events (Brochure)MinutesWestville Visitation by YearMarketing and Public RelationsMarketing Strategies for the Growing Business
  • Folder 48 - Marketing Main Media, 2000s This folder contains:CorrespondenceHandwritten NotesPress ReleasesAlabama Cities with Newspaper within 150 Miles of Westville ListRegional Television ListNewspaper List & Address LabelsNewspaper ClippingsNewspapers: Alabama, Florida, GeorgiaAddress Labels
  • Folder 49 - Marketing Materials from WTVM channel 9 Columbus, 2000
  • Folder 50 - Mechanix Illustrated, Vol. 42, # 2, December 1949
  • Folder 51 - Military (Research Files) This folder contains:Illustration and Description of the American soldier, 1827 - 1836 - 1847 - 1855
  • Folder 52 - Military Travel Shows, GA (Marketing) 2012

Box 2

  • Folder 1 - Miscellaneous I This folder contains:CorrespondencePioneer Life PDF to Proof use Adobe Acrobat Reader, 9/3/03 (CD)The Westville Gala RSVP Card, September 10, 2011 (3 copies)"Westville Biscuits Base Ball Nine: History and Rules Base Ball in the 1850s" (3 copes)Westville Quarterly Trustee Meeting, July 14, 2004Historic Westville Mission StatementWestville Bagley Gin House & Cotton Screw Press Sponsorship AgreementThe Stagecoach (Brochure)The Westville Primer (Brochure)The ISAC Report, Vol. 2, # 4, July, August 1988Newspaper clippingTwo 2012 Westville Christmas Cards"Rocks and Minerals" a Golden Exploring Earth Book, by Alice Fitch Martin and Bertha Morris Parker, 1974
  • Folder 2 - Miscellaneous II This folder contains:"Georgia" (Annual Report) by Steve W. Sikich and Bruce J. O'Connor, 1990, 1989 U.S. Department of the Interior, Bureau of Mines"The Lawson house" Description"The Continuing Effect of the American Revolution" an Address by Arnold J. Toynbee, June 10, 1961"Philipsburg Manor" Sleepy Hollow Restorations, Tarrytown, N.Y., 1969Designation Handbook, Georgia Scenic Byways Program, 1998'Craft Horizons" October 1971
  • Folder 3 - "Most Significant Ground-water Recharge (Map) Areas of Georgia" by R. Davis, john C. Donahue, Robert H. Hutcheson, and Deborah L. Woldrop
  • Folder 4 - Mural - Thornton House & Photos, January 2, 2001
  • Folder 5 - Muscogee Moms - summer Camps + Fun Fair (Marketing), March 24, 2013
  • Folder 6 - Newspaper Clippings about Pottery
  • Folder 7 - Ossahatchee Indian Festival & Pow Wow, October 15/16, 2011
  • Folder 8 - Oxbow Meadows - Demo (Marketing), Friday April 5, 2013
  • Folder 9 - Partners in Education (P.I.E.) (Marketing), September 7, 2012
  • Folder 10 - Potholder Patterns (Research Files)
  • Folder 11 - "Pot Liquor" Related, 2001 This folder contains:CorrespondenceHandwritten Notes
  • Folder 12 - Presidential Pathways Travel Association, 2000 This folder contains:Minutes; Financial Reports; Contracts; Meeting Notices; Correspondence; Invoices; Tourism Works for America, Tourism Works for Columbus (Poster); Calendar of Events, 2000; Travel Guide; Jo Project Report, 1997; Purchase Orders
  • Folder 13 - Publications of the Georgia Geologic Survey, Circular 1, 21st Edition, 1990
  • Folder 14 - Quill Pen Making (Research Files)
  • Folder 15 - Research Files on the Following Topics: Social Customs, Women + Children in Early America
  • Folder 16 - Salzburgers- Ebenezer Church, October 13, 1969 This folder contains:Correspondence; Handwritten Notes
  • Folder 17 - School Programs Booklet, 2006/07 This folder contains:Historic Westville Education Programs and Tours with Georgia Performance Standards and National Curriculum StandardsCorrespondencePoster Proof
  • Folder 18 - Shingle Rivings (Research files), 1976 This folder contains:"Making Shingles - a Nearly Forgotten Craft", by Leigh Cree White in Early American Life, February 1976
  • Folder 19 - Silhouette Cutting (Research Files) 1971 This folder contains:Two Silhouettes"Kathie's Scissors Produce Realistic Silhouettes" by Carol May in Army Times, November 24, 1971"Clay Miller, Silhouette Artist" by Hal Hayes"Silhouette Cutting" by Betty W. McCool in Early American Life, June 1974Silhouettes from Samantha's Craft Book
  • Folder 20 - Soap making (Research files)
  • Folder 21 - "Soil, survey of Stewart County, GA" by David D. Long and M.W. Beck, E.C. Hall, and W.W. Burdette, 1915
  • Folder 22 - Southern Living: "Westville's Simpler Life", 2005
  • Folder 23 - Stage Coach Trail Research This folder contains:Handwritten NotesStagecoach Trail signs, HousesMultiple Resource Nomination Architectural and Historic Properties Inventory Form: Tucker-Wood HomeArchitectural and Historic Properties Inventory Form: Rockwell-Shepard HouseAHPI Form: The Charles E. Turner HouseAHPI form: Ed HouseAHPI Form: Tucker-Wood HomeList of People Whose Houses are part of the National Register District
  • Folder 24 - State of Georgia Map, 1970
  • Folder 25 - Stenciling (Research Files) This folder contains;"Stenciling the Aaron Conant House" by Yvonne Brault Smith"Stencil Something Southern" by Shelley Ticheli in Southern Living, 1980
  • Folder 26 - Stewart County Historical Commission, Inc. & Stewart County Info, 1990s This folder contains:Bedingfield Inn, Lumpkin, Georgia (Brochure)First Baptist Church, Lumpkin, Ga (Postcard)By Laws Stewart County Historical Commission, Inc.Criteria Governing the funding and Operation of the Local Welcome Center program, November 2, 1992Charter Members"Stewart County, Georgia, Part I: Background, Geography and Nature, Highways, Pre-History, Conflict, Early History, Growing Pains, Factors of Decline, Stewart County today, The Tale of Two Georgias , A New Vision for Stewart County, Assessment, A Coalition Emerges, Ten-Year Economic Development Plan, Currant Attractions in Stewart County, Undeveloped Resources of Stewart County, Private Investment, Current Tourism Use in Stewart County, Known owners of Bedingfield Inn"Guidelines for Private use of Bedingfield InnBy-Laws of the Stewart County Historical Commission Adopted September 24, 1965Hachett Drug Store CollectionHandwritten Notes
  • Folder 27 - Street names - Westville
  • Folder 28 - "Summary and conclusions" by Joseph Mahan
  • Folder 29 - "The Magic and Mystery of Westville" text by William W. Winn, 1999
  • Folder 30 - Traits for Comparison - Description (Art)
  • Folder 31 - US Press, 2010
  • Folder 32 - Wheelwright (Research Files) This folder contains:"Guy Turner's Keeping an Old Dream alive" by Bob Harrell in Atlanta Constitution, June 21, 1982"Wheelwrights of History""Horse and Buggy Days are Coming Back" by Wylly Folk St-John in Atlanta Journal and Constitution Magazine, May 26, 1968
  • Folder 33 - "The Westville Village Agenda 2010" a Plan to Secure the Future of the Past, Case Statement (3 copies)
  • Folder 34 - "Westville History Alive Drive" (2 copies)

Series 2 - Financial

Box 1

  • These records are closed for research.

Box 2

  • These records are closed for research.

Series 3: Visitor Info's

Box 1

  • Folder 1 - Daily Calendars, 2000/2001
  • Folder 2 - Daily Calendars, 2002/2003
  • Folder 3 - Group Visit Confirmation, 2000
  • Folder 4 - Group visit Confirmation I, January-May, 2001
  • Folder 5 - Group Visit Confirmation II, June-September, 2001
  • Folder 6 - Group Visit Confirmation III, October-December, 2001
  • Folder 7 - Group Visit Confirmation I, January-June, 2002
  • Folder 8 - Group Visit Confirmation II, Other than School, July-December, 2002
  • Folder 9 - Group Visit Confirmation, School I, 2002/2003
  • Folder 10 - Group Visit Confirmation, School II, 2002
  • Folder 11 - Group visit Information, Other than School, February-July, 2003
  • Folder 12 - Group Visit confirmation, School, February-May, 2003
  • Folder 13 - Group Information Form I, A-E, 2000/2001
  • Folder 14 - Group Information Form II, F-O, 2000/2001
  • Folder 15 - Group Information Form III, P-Y, 2000/2001
  • Folder 16 - Group Information Form, 2001
  • Folder 17 - Group Information Form, 2002
  • Folder 18 - Group Information form, 2002
  • Folder 19 - Group Information From, 2003

Series 4: Joseph Mahan Materials

Box 1

This box contains drafts of books and other publications authored or co-authored by Mahan.

  • Folder 1 - Mahan I - "Identification of the Tsoyaha Waeno, Builders of Temple Mounds" by J. Mahan, the History and Prehistory of the Indian Tribes of the Southeastern United States This folder contains:First Reader and Second Reader Recommendations Relative to Manuscript: "Identification of the Tsoyaha Waeno, Builders of Temple Mounds" by Joseph Mahan - Introduction (2 copies)
  • Folder 2 - Mahan II - "Identification of the Tsoyaha Waeno, Builders of Temple Mounds" by J. Mahan, the History and Prehistory of the Indian Tribes in the Southeastern Unites states This folder contains:Manuscript: Chapter II: Mound Builders of the Sixteenth Century and Later - Chapter IV: The Isoyaha or Yustafa Waeno - Chapter V: The Order of the Four Roads - Chapter VI: The Tsahlalawaeno or Tsahwaeno (2 copies) - Chapter VII: The Eagle-Men
  • Folder 3 - Mahan III - "Identification of the Tsoyaha Waeno, Builders of Temple Mounds" by J. Mahan, the History and Prehistory of the Indian Tribes of the Southeastern United States This folder contains:Manuscript: Miscellaneous Chapters & Handwritten Acknowledgements
  • Folder 4 - Mahan IV - "Identification of the Tsoyaha Waeno, Builders of Temple Mounds" by J. Mahan, the History and Prehistory of the Indian Tribes of Southeastern United States This folder contains:Manuscript: Miscellaneous Chapters & Handwritten Notes
  • Folder 5 - "Road into Darkness" by J. Mahan and Ray B. Hollifield, Jr., August 1986 I This folder contains:Manuscript: Preface, 1-4 - Chapter I: Francisco of Chicora, 5-18 - Chapter II: The Two Roads, 19- Chapter III: de Soto at the Royal Court, 34-44 - Chapter IV: The Green Corn Festival, 45-57 - Chapter V: The Search for the Sun's Knowledge, 58-79 - Chapter VI: The Ball Play, 80-92 - Chapter VII: The Plague, 93-107 - Chapter VIII: de Soto's Expedition Arrives in Florida, 108-127 - Chapter IX: Dispute Over the Emperor's Successor, 128-144 - Chapter X: The Assembly at Ocmulgee, 145-165 - Chapter XI: The Encounter at Napetaca, 166-192 - Chapter XII: Understanding the Search for Yupaha, 193-221
  • Folder 6 - "Road into Darkness" by J. Mahan and Ray B. Hollifield, Jr., August 1986 II This folder contains:Manuscript: Chapter XIII: The Emergency Council at Coshafa, 222-235 - Chapter XIV: Implementing the Plan, 236-264 - Chapter XV: Shalala accomplishes her Mission, 265-286 - Chapter XVI: Shalala's Change of Heart, 287-299 - Chapter XVII: Cutifachechi, Place of Disappointments, 300-343 - Chapter XVIII: Shalala a Hostage, 344-373 - "Marching Through Georgia for the First Time" an Interview with Charles Hudson, Anthropologist by Jack Kuntz in Georgia Journal, Summer 1988
  • Folder 7 - Notepad Written by J.B. Mahan (Manuscript and Notes)
  • Folder 8 - Notepad Written by J.B. Mahan (Manuscript and Notes)
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