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Albert C. Lewis Collection (MC 314) - Columbus State University

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Albert C. Lewis Collection (MC 314)

Biographical Note

Albert C. Lewis was born in 1893 in Michigan to English parents. His wife's name was Dorothy V and their daughter, Mary Elizabeth, was born in 1927. In 1930 the family lived in Daytona Beach, Florida. By 1936 they were in Columbus, Georgia living at 2131 Forest Court, in the Wynnton neighborhood. Albert was a purchasing agent for Tom Huston Peanut Company. The house at 1534 Eberhart Avenue was finished by 1937 when it appears in the city directory. The Lewis family were living there in 1940 but were gone by 1945, when Wilbur Glenn resided there. The 1940 census values the home at $15,00 0. Albert Lewis died in 1947.

The second part of the collection concerns the ancestry and heritage of the Towns family, George Towns, John Towns and Martin Towns, early settlers of this area.

Scope and Content

Included in this small collection are the blueprints for the house at 1534 Eberhart Avenue. It is a two story dwelling, with 3 bedrooms and 3 baths plus servant's bath. The six-sheet blueprint package does not list an architect.

A book entitled The Bench and Bar of Georgia: Memoirs and Sketches by Stephen F. Miller, vol. II, 1858 is included in the collection. The front piece is stamped "please return to L.W. Smith, agent, Talbotton, Ga." There is no apparent connection to either of the resident families. Folders 2-7 all relate to the Towns family.

A letter addressed to Mrs. Smisson from Sarah Q. Smith (Mrs. Edgar L.) in Washington, Georgia is also included. It is in response to a query about General George N. Towns of Wilkes County. Another document from the DAR concerns the same Towns family of Virginia. A John Townes of Talbot County is mentioned in both this document and an inserted piece of paper in the book referring to his will.

The last document included is titled a "Tribute of Respect", which seems to be an excerpt from the minutes of the Muscogee County (Georgia) Superior Court, May 30, 1863, a tribute to Coronel Levi B. Smith of Talbot County. Perhaps this Smith is of the same family of L.W. Smith mentioned in front of book.

Permission to Publish

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Albert C. Lewis Collection (MC 314) Columbus State University Archives Columbus, Georgia

Note to Researchers:

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There was a Land: A Story of Talbot County, Robert H. Jordan

A Rockaway in Talbot County, William H. Davidson

Box and Folder List

Box 1

  • Folder 1 - Blueprint of 1534 Eberhart Avenue, the home of Albert C and Dorothy V. Lewis, 1937
  • Folder 2 - Letter to Mrs. Smisson in response to query on Gen George Towns, nd
  • Folder 3 - John Towns of Virginia and Daughters of American Revolution document, nd
  • Folder 4 - Tribute of Respect, (typed copy); tribute to Coronel Levi B. Smith, May 30, 1863
  • Folder 5 - The Bench and Bar of Georgia, Memoirs and Sketches, v. II, 1858 Of special significance in this book is the chapter on George W. Towns. Also included is a chapter on Eli S. Shorter.
  • Folder 6 - Handwritten notes on the will of John Towns of Troup County, Georgia, Oct 19, 1829 and the will of Martin Towns of Talbot County, Georgia, naming George W.B. Towns as executor, dated September 13, 1835.
  • Folder 7 - "Tribute of Respect", old newspaper copy, March 23, 1863
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