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Allan Brockman Research Papers Collection (MC 293) - Columbus State University

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Allan Brockman Research Papers Collection (MC 293)

Biographical Note

Allan Andrews Brockman was born 19 April 1921 in Chester, South Carolina to Myron and Nancie Wilson Brockman. His father Myron had served as the principal of Greenville High School and superintendent of schools. Allan grew up with three brothers, Myron, James, and Wallace. Allan attended and graduated from Wofford College 1938-1942. He earned his Master of Arts from the Graduate School of Vanderbilt University in December 1946, writing his thesis as “The Early Sonnet Form of Henry Timrod”. While at the University of Pennsylvania during the 1950s, he wrote as his doctoral dissertation in American literature a biographical and critical study of Francis O. Ticknor (1822-1874), a Georgia physician and poet. In 1967, Allan submitted his dissertation to the English Department at the University of Pennsylvania while he was employed as an assistant professor in the English Department at the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta, Georgia. Brockman thoroughly researched the life of Dr. Ticknor. He died 6 June, 2000 and is buried in Evergreen Cemetery in Chester, South Carolina.

Scope and Content

This collection consists of three boxes of materials which includes Allan Brockman's research notes on his thesis and dissertation of Francis O. Ticknor and the finished papers, the correspondence around these projects, class and lecture notes. Also of interest is his journal of personal expenses while a student at Wofford College.

1938-1967 3 boxes (2.5 linear feet)


The Allan Brockman Research Paper Collection was donated by Terry York in 2013.

Note to Researchers

See also: Dillingham Family Collection (SMC 31)Francis Orray Tichnor Collection (MC 19)

Permission to Publish

Permission to publish material from the Allan Brockman Collection must be obtained from the Columbus State University Archives. Use of the following credit line for publication or exhibit is required:

Allan Brockman Research Papers, MC 293 Columbus State University Archives Columbus, Georgia

Box and Folder List

Box 1

Notebooks and Books

  1. Dr. Francis Orray Ticknor (1822-1874)
    • 4 volumes bound in black:
      1. volume one starts with 1835 contains letters to various people;
      2. volume two contains indentures;
      3. volume three includes articles on horticulture and agriculture, and includes an 1875 “In memoriam” to Dr. Francis Orray Ticknor
      4. volume four contains Dr. Ticknor's poetry divided by subject by A. Brockman
  2. Master of Arts Thesis submitted by Alan Andrews Brockman at Vanderbilt University, 1946
    1. “The Early Sonnet Form of Henry Timrod”
  3. Four 3-ring binders of class work
    1. Chaucer tales, American literature, Slavery as a Moral Issue, 1946
    2. English Literature, Trigonometry, a play
    3. Chaucer, Romantic poets
    4. French language and literature class at Wofford College, 1939
  4. The Georgia Historical Quarterly, vol. XXII, No. 2, June 1938 article on Francis Orray Ticknor
  5. Scrapbooks (2) of poems, cut out of newspapers, magazines, et al

Box 2

  • Folder 1 - “A Bibliographical Unknown” by Allan Brockman, English 800, n.d.
  • Folder 2 - Black vinyl notebook of London addresses and travel diary
  • Folder 3 - Book : The Difficulties of Medical Science: an Inaugural Lecture, Pennsylvania Medical College, 1841
  • Folder 4 - Chapters 3-6 of a manuscript ; Shell Creek 1843-1853; Torch Hill; Letters to the Southern Cultivator; Civil War, Reconstruction, and Conclusion
  • Folder 5 - Correspondence between Allan Brockman and Felix Hargrette, 1954, Jan-May
  • Folder 6 - Correspondence 1968 between Sculley Bradley, Allan Brockman and Dr. A.H. Scouten about Brockman's dissertation
  • Folder 7 - Estate of Charles and Lucy Dillingham, 1835
  • Folder 8 - 5 photographs of Columbus, Georgia and 1 postcard 1868 reprint Brannon & Carson Drug Store, Broad St c.1900; 2 of a cemetery plot; 2 unidentified
  • Folder 9 - Francis Orray Ticknor: A Biographical Study by Allan A. Brockman; Dissertation submitted to English Department, University of Pennsylvania, 1967
  • Folder 10 - “Francis Orray Ticknor's Medical Career at the University of Pennsylvania” by Allan Brockman, a research project, 1949
  • Folder 11 - Genealogy - Ticknor
  • Folder 12 - Ledger of accounts of Allan Andrews Brockman, Wofford College, 1938-1942 Carlisle Hall
  • Folder 13 - Letters (copies) between Frank( Francis O. Ticknor) and William ( William N. Nelson), 1844-1871
  • Folder 14 - Letters to/from Allan Brockman concerning his dissertation, research information, 1945-1959
  • Folder 15 - Miscellaneous
  • Folder 16 - Myron Brockman, father of Allan
  • Folder 17 - Notes on a lecture by Catherine Drinker Bowen on the biographer
  • Folder 18 - Notes on a speech about Poetry and Francis O. Ticknor
  • Folder 19 - Poems written for “Burke's Weekly” by Francis Ticknor
  • Folder 20 - Poetry of Francis O. Ticknor
  • Folder 21 - Research methods-notes
  • Folder 22 - “Revival Pon Top Edisto”
  • Folder 23 - Rough copy of Thesis on Francis Orray Ticknor by Allan Brockman
  • Folder 24 - “Some Critical Thought about Pope's Windsor Forest, by Allan Brockman
  • Folder 25 - “The Tragedy of Henry Timrod” (manuscript)
  • Folder 26 - Wofford College diploma for Allan Andrews Brockman (in Latin)


  1. The Record; Yearbook of the University of Pennsylvania, 1960
  2. The Record; Yearbook of the University of Pennsylvania, 1962
  3. The Blue and the Gold; Greenville Female College, Greenville, S.C., 1903

Box 3

Index Cards ( three sets)

  • Index cards ( 3 x 5) on research for Henry Timrod
  • Index cards (4 x6) on research for Henry Timrod
  • Index cards (4 x 6) on research on Francis Ticknor (11 inches of cards)

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