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Woolfolk Family Collection (MC 274) - Columbus State University

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Woolfolk Family Collection (MC 274)

Biographical Note

According to the Pearson website, Elizabeth Carrow-Woolfolk, Ph.D., is well known for her work in the area of language disorders. Over the past 40 years, Dr. Woolfolk has been a primary teacher, a teacher of children with reading and learning disabilities, a speech and language pathologist, a university professor, and a university administrator, as well as a researcher, lecturer, author, and test developer. She has received numerous awards for her accomplishments, particularly for excellence in teaching and for community support of agencies specializing in language disorders.

Dr. Woolfolk earned an M.A. in educational psychology from the University of Texas, a Ph.D. in speech pathology from Northwestern University, and did postgraduate work in linguistics at Indiana University. She founded the Harry Jersig Center for Communication Disorders and initiated the master's program in speech and language pathology at Our Lady of the Lake University, San Antonio. She later served as vice president of that university. She headed the Communication Disorder Program at the University of Texas and the Speech Pathology Program at Baylor College of Medicine's Department of Otolaryngology. For more detailed information on Dr. Woolfolk's academic career, see the Pearson's Assessments website mentioned above.

In addition to her professional writings, Dr. Woolfolk is the author of Pioneers, Patriots & Planters, a historical narrative of the Woolfolk Family, first settlers in Virginia, Kentucky, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee and Georgia.

Scope and Content

This material was generated in Dr. Woolfolk's research on her book, Pioneers, Patriots & Planters, which was published in 2004. The materials in the three boxes are organized by three brothers Robert, Richard and Joseph Woolfolk, who were living in Virginia by the later half of the 17th century. The file folders containing copies of documents are other data are arranged in chronological order. 1660s (photocopies)-1990s 3 boxes (3 l.f.)

Permission to Publish

Permission to publish material from the Woolfolk Family Collection must be obtained from the Columbus State University Archives at Columbus State University. Use of the following credit line for publication or exhibit is required: Woolfolk Family Collection (MC 274) Columbus State University Archives Columbus, Georgia


Gift of Dr. Elizabeth Carrow-Woolfolk in March of 2010.

Box and Folder/Item List

Box 1

Part A - Robert Woolfolk

York and Gloucester Counties, Virginia in the latter half of the 17th Century. The three sons of Richard2, Robert1, Richard3 and Joseph1 left extensive families in the United States.

  • Folder 1: A-1 Woolfolk Family, First Two Generations

Part B: Robert Woolfolk and Descendants

Robert1 Woolfolk, The oldest of Three Sons of Richard2 Woolfolk. He lived in Caroline County, Virginia. He had three sons: John, Richard, and Robert2 Woolfolk. Robert1 Woolfolk, son of Richard2 Woolfolk lived in Caroline County, Virginia throughout his adult life, 1720-1744.

  • Folder 2: B-1 Robert1 Woolfolk of Caroline County, 1688-1744
  • Folder 3: B-2 Robert1 Woolfolk, son of Richard2 Woolfolk
  • Folder 4: B-3 Misc., Virginia, Caroline County Court Records: Marriages 1787-1810, Chancery Court Deeds, 1758-1845, Proceedings, Committee of Safety 1774-1776, Land Tax List 1787-1799.
  • Folder 5: B-4 Caroline County Court House Records: 1755-1845 and Court House Proceedings
  • Folder 6: B-5&6 Caroline County, Virginia Court House Order Books 1732-1763, Land Sales and Purchases, Suits
  • Folder 7: B-7&8 Caroline County, VA. Court House Order Books 1764-1785
  • Folder 8: B-9&10 John Woolfolk, 1718-1767, Son of Robert1 Woolfolk
  • Folder 9: B-11&12 Richard Woolfolk, 1716-1794, Son of Robert1 Woolfolk
  • Folder 10: B-13 Robert2 Woolfolk, 1728-1820, Son of Robert1 Woolfolk Robert2 had eight sons. Three of them: John George, Frances, and Achilles remained in Caroline County. Five of them went to Kentucky to claim land after the Revolutionary War: Richard, Robert3, William, Edmund, and Elliott.
  • Folder 11: B-14 Robert2 Woolfolk's children in Kentucky
  • Folder 12: B-15&16 John G. Woolfolk, Son of Robert2 Woolfolk
  • Folder 13: B-15&17 Achilles Woolfolk, Son of Robert2 Woolfolk
  • Folder 14: B-18&19 Children/Descendants of Robert2 in Kentucky
  • Folder 15: B-18&20 Robert2 Woolfolk, Son of Robert1
  • Folder 16: B-21&22 Richard Woolfolk, Son of Robert2 Woolfolk
  • Folder 17: B-21&23 William Woolfolk, Son of Robert2 Woolfolk
  • Folder 18: B-21&24 Edmund and Elliott Woolfolk, Sons of Robert2 Woolfolk
  • Folder 19: B-25&26 Robert Woolfolk3, Son of Robert2 Woolfolk
  • Folder 20: B-27&28 - James Austin Woolfolk, descendant of Robert3 Woolfolk

Part C - Joseph1 Woolfolk and Descendants

  • Folder 21: C-1 Joseph1 Woolfolk of Caroline and Spotsylvania, Virginia, Robert Woolfolk, son of Joseph1 Woolfolk
  • Folder 22: C-2 Joseph1 Woolfolk in Caroline County, Virginia
  • Folder 23: C-3 Joseph1 Woolfolk's children's' Descendants
  • Folder 24: C-4 Joseph Woolfolk, Son of Joseph1 Woolfolk This folder contains photograph of Family Reunion
  • Folder 25: C-5 Augustine Woolfolk, Son of Joseph W.
  • Folder 26: C-6 Thomas Woolfolk (Cpt.), Son of Joseph1 Woolfolk
  • Folder 27: C-7 Thomas2 Woolfolk, Son of Thomas2 Woolfolk
  • Folder 28: C-8 John1 Woolfolk, Son of Joseph1
  • Folder 29: C-9 Joseph Woolfolk, Son of John1 Woolfolk HF / John G. Woolfolk, Son of Joseph2 Woolfolk
  • Folder 30: C-10 Elijah Woolfolk, Son of John1 Woolfolk
  • Folder 31: C-11 John2 Woolfolk, Son of John1 Woolfolk
  • Folder 32: C-12 Thomas Woolfolk, Son of John1 Woolfolk

Box 2

Part D - Richard 3 Woolfolk

  • Folder 1: D-1 Richard3 of Spotsylvania & Orange Counties, Virginia
  • Folder 2: D-2 Richard4 of Albemarle, Virginia & Kentucky
  • Folder 3: D-3-6 Sowell Woolfolk, Son of Richard4
  • Folder 4: D-7 Joseph S. Woolfolk, Son of Sowell and Joseph's Wife, Lucy Cray Woolfolk
    • This folder contains photographs
  • Folder 5: D-8 Virginia and Kentucky Woolfolks
  • Folder 6: D-9&10 Joseph Woolfolk, Son of Richard4 of Wilkes County, N.C., one from Virginia
  • Folder 7: D-12&13 Richard Woolfolk, Son of Joseph of Wilkes County, N.C.
  • Folder 8: D-14&15 General Sowell, Son of Richard of Wilkes County, N.C.
  • Folder 9: D-16&17 Thomas Woolfolk, Son of Joseph of Wilkes County, N.C.
  • Folder 10: D-18 Woolfolk's in Russell County, Alabama
  • Folder 11: D-19&11 Austin Woolfolk, Son of Joseph of Wilkes County, N.C.
  • Folder 12: D-20&21 William Woolfolk of Tennessee, Son of Joseph of Wilkes County, N.C.
  • Folder 13: D-22 Austin Woolfolk, Son of William of Tennessee
  • Folder 14: D-23&24 John Woolfolk, Son of Joseph W. of Wilkes County, N.C.
    • This folder contains photographs
  • Folder 15: D-25&26 John Woolfolk in Edgefield County, South Carolina
  • Folder 16: D-25&27 - 1829 Land Lottery in Georgia
  • Folder 17: D-25&28 - Tax Records, Will & Other Misc. Records of John Woolfolk
  • Folder 18: D-29-31 John Woolfolk, Muscogee County Plantation Deeds & Info
  • Folder 19: D-32 Journal of the Senate for the State of Georgia
  • Folder 20: D-33&34 John Woolfolk, Deeds of Land Purchased in Coweta Falls
  • Folder 21: D-33&35 Woolfolk's Deeds from Columbus City
  • Folder 22: D-36 John Woolfolk, Land in Northern Liberties, Woolfolk Town
  • Folder 23: D-36&38 Northern Liberties
  • Folder 24: D-39&40 Woolfolk House in Columbus, Georgia
  • Folder 25: D-41&42 John Woolfolk, Tax Records & Estate
  • Folder 26: D-43&44 Cornelia & Louisa Woolfolk Walker
  • Folder 27: D-45&46 Joseph Washington Woolfolk, Son of John Woolfolk of John Woolfolk of Columbus, Georgia
  • Folder 28: D-47 - Alfriend Family, Dec. of Joseph Washington Woolfolk of Columbus, Georgia
    • This folder contains photographs
  • Folder 29: D-48&49 William Gray Woolfolk, Son of John Woolfolk of Columbus, Georgia
    • This folder contains photographs
  • Folder 30: D-50&51 Related Families - Winter Family
  • Folder 31: D- 50&52 Related Families - Collier Family

Part E - Woolfolk's in Kentucky, Georgia, and Louisiana

Folder 32: E-1 Thomas Sowell, Albemarle, Virginia, 1760s

Folder 33: E-2 Unknown Woolfolk's

Folder 34: E-3&4 Correspondence Regarding Woolfolk's

Folder 35: E-5 History of Kentucky

Folder 36: E-6 Holly Hill, Shepherd Hill, Caroline County, Virginia

Folder 37: E-7 Houses built by others occupied by Woolfolks

Folder 38: E-8 Woolfolk House (John) Woolfolk House, William G., Columbus, Georgia

Folder 39: E-9 Afton Villa, LA., Susan Woolfolk Barrow

Folder 40: E-10 Miscellaneous Woolfolk House Kentucky

Folder 41: E-11 Mounds, Louisiana. Austin W.

Folder 42: E-12 Oak Hill, c. 1815 in Elm Corner, Kentucky

Folder 43: E-13 James F. Woolfolk House, Meade County, Kentucky

Folder 44: E-14 Kentucky History Houses

Folder 45: E-15 Charles Woolfolk House Columbus, Georgia

Folder 46: E-16 The Pope House, Lexington, Kentucky

Folder 47: E-17 Riverside of Fort Benning, built 1909

Folder 48: E-18 Woolfolk House, Fayette County, KY (Sowell Woolfolk, Jr.)

Folder 49: E-19a Descendants of Collier Woolfolk - 8 Generations

Folder 50: E-19b Descendants of Richard Woolfolk2 (Photographs)

Folder 51: E-19e Book Excerpts with Notes

Folder 52: E-19f Genealogy by Robert Robin Woolfolk- Anne Baker, October 1998

Folder 53: E-20 Robert1 Woolfolk, 3 Generations

Folder 54: Elizabeth C. Woolfolk notes on genealogy research

Folder 55: Elijah Woolfolk (1770-1853), lived in Scott County, KY

Folder 56: Royal Ancestry of General George Washington

Folder 57: Photograph of Woolfolk grave site in Columbus, Georgia

Folder 58: Three Maps

Map 1: "Atlas to Accompany the Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies, 1861-1865

Map 2: "Mine Run and Raiden River by Order of Lt. Col. W.P. Smith, Lt. Col. of Engers / Map of the Battlefield of Bristoe fought by the 2nd Army Corps., October 1863

Map 3: "Part of map portion of the Military Department of Washington, Pennsylvania, Annapolis and Northern Virginia.

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