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Center for Quality Teaching & Learning - Columbus State University

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Center for Quality Teaching & Learning

The Faculty Center for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning provides innovative programs for the continuous development of all faculty members. We celebrate faculty achievements in teaching, scholarship and creative activity, and strive to promote interdisciplinary faculty collaboration to enrich the community at Columbus State University.  

The CSU Faculty Center for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning:

  • Supports strategic priorities: provides faculty development to promote high-impact and experiential learning practices and active learning strategies

  • Promotes collegiality through Interdisciplinary Initiatives Grants, Faculty Common Room, book circles, research and writing groups

  • Functions as a critical communication channel through weekly e-newsletter, Facebook, Twitter

  • Supports faculty in all areas and stages of development: New Faculty Orientation and Seminar Series, personal consultations, external grants and travel funding, internal and external recognition for achievements

  • Provides pre-semester Symposia for professional development in innovative teaching and learning practices, and to foster collegiality and personal wellness
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