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Administration - Columbus State University

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President's Staff

  • Frank Douglas Brown Ph.D., President
  • George E. Stanton Ph.D., Vice President for Academic Affairs
  • Charles D. Pattillo B.A., Vice President for Business and Finance
  • Kayron Laska Ph.D., Vice President for University Advancement
  • J. Larry Kees M.Ed., Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students
  • Kathy Carlisle Ed.D., Executive Director, Enrollment Services
  • Carmen J. Cavezza Ph.D., Assistant to the President and Executive Director, John Cunningham Center
  • Lon D. Marlowe Ph.D., Assistant to the President and Executive Director, CSU Foundation
  • William R. Johnson M.B.S., Executive Director, Computer Information and Networking Services
  • John Lester M.P.A., Director, Public Relations

VPAA Council

  • Tina D. Butcher Ph.D., Interim Dean, College of Education
  • Kathy Carlisle Ed.D., Executive Director, Enrollment Services
  • William L. Chappell Jr., Ph.D., Dean, College of Arts and Letters
  • Beverly M. Davis Ed.S., Dean, University College
  • Katheryn Fouche Ph.D., Director, Centers of Excellence
  • Linda Hadley Ph.D., Dean, D. Abbott Turner College of Business
  • Elizabeth Holmes M.Ed. Director, Center for Quality Teaching and Learning
  • Neal McCrillis Ph.D., Director, Center for International Education
  • Callie B. McGinnis M.S., Dean of Libraries
  • Terry Norris Ph.D., Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs
  • William James Owen Ph.D., Executive Officer, Faculty Senate
  • Stokes, Glenn D., Ph.D., Acting Dean, College of Science
  • Carl F. Wallman Ph.D., Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs
  • Susan Wirt M.M., Director, Continuing and Regional Education Services

Administrative Staff

  • Stephanie Adams Assistant Director of Student Activities
  • Valerie Alexander-Spicer Director, Technology and Communication, Enrollment Services
  • Patricia Ali Assistant Director, Financial Aid
  • Catherine J. Anderson Associate Dean of Students and Director, Multicultural Student Services
  • Felicia Benefield Director, One-Stop-Shop, Enrollment Services
  • Janis Bowles Director, Financial Aid
  • Anna Brooks Comptroller
  • Pat Bryant Director, Budget
  • Lougene Brown Assistant Vice President for Business and Finance
  • Phillip Clark Assistant Director, Construction and Building Maintenance
  • Rick Cravens Director, Campus Recreation
  • Joyce Fowler Director, Career Center
  • Abraham George Director, Operations and Networking Services
  • Lori A. Gibbon Registrar
  • Respent Green Assistant Director, Campus Services
  • Camille Hassenplug Director, Testing Center
  • Tom Helton Associate Vice President for Business and Finance
  • Maria Holmes Director, Business Services
  • Rus Drew Chief, University Police
  • Laurie Jones Director, Human Resources
  • Mario Juestel Manager, Telecommunications and Postal Services
  • Stephanie Swanger Residence Life Coordinator, Courtyard I
  • Ray Lakes Assistant Director, Alumni Relations
  • Dana Larkin Director, Residence Life
  • Beverly Lean Associate Registrar
  • Susan Lovell Director, Admissions
  • Bert Lyman Director, Student Accounts
  • Bernard McCrary Coordinator Minority Affairs
  • Mike Medlock Manager, Construction
  • Karen Morris Institutional Research Associate
  • Todd Myrick Assistant Director, Residence Life
  • Joy Norman Coordinator, Disability Services
  • Kim Padgett Director of Student Activities
  • Lyn Riggsby-Gonzalez Coordinator, Career Center
  • Sonsia Richerson Manager, Grants and Contracts
  • Meri Robinson Director, Annual Fund
  • Cynthia S. Saines Assistant Registrar
  • Vanessa Sconiers Coordinator, Career Center
  • Paula Simko Coordinator, Tutorial Services
  • Gina Sheeks Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs
  • Randy Smith Manager, Printing Services
  • Cindy Spann Director, Child Care Resource and Referral Agency
  • Rebecca G. Tew Director, Student Health Services
  • Rick Tew Director, Administrative Computing
  • Loave Todd Assistant Registrar
  • George B. Twyford III Director, Veterans Affairs and Fort Benning Office
  • (Vacant) Program Support Manager Center for Academic Success and Student Retention
  • Dan Rose Director, Counseling Center
  • Dawn Singleton Residence Life Coordinator, Courtyard II
  • Rita Watts Director, Accounting Services
  • Rex Whiddon Director, Major Gifts
  • (Vacant) Director, Student Recruitment
  • Eddie P. Woodhouse Director, Plant Operations
  • Cheryl Yatsko Coordinator, Program Evaluation, Counseling Center

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