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Frequently Asked Questions - Columbus State University

Shared Administrative Services

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs about SAS Duties and Processes

The SAS Team is organized into two teams, each under a coordinator. One coordinator will oversee services that include processing travel applications and related paperwork, general administrative duties, and the general administrative team.

Another coordinator will supervise the budgeting, purchasing, reimbursements and procurement team. Employees on this team will enter purchase requests into eProcurement, compile quotes for services and equipment requests, maintain vendor relationships, coordinate budget analysis projects, and check budgets for eProcurement purchases.

The two coordinators and a special projects manager will report to the overall SAS director, who reports to the assistant vice president of University Operations Support Services.

As a unit of University Support Services, the Shared Administrative Services team relies on the university's eQuest system for service needs by departments or individuals. Those eQuest requests will be routed to one of the two SAS teams based on the specific request.

FAQs for Units

Some units with specific needs that could not be addressed through a centralized purchasing function were allowed to retain their p-cards. The vast majority of purchases on campus can be handled though the eQuest procurement process. Trained specialist in SAS will have a p-card at their disposal if it is determined that a purchase requires its’ use.

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