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Dr. Susan Hatch Tomkiewicz - Columbus State University

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Columbus State University

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Susan Tomkiewicz


Schwob School of Music


Professor of oboe at the Schwob School of Music at Columbus State University and Co-Director of the Schwob Summer Music Festival, Susan Tomkiewicz is dedicated to advancing the repertoire of her instruments and committed to promoting musicians' health and wellness.

Susan is a Fox Artist and celebrated for her outstanding contributions to both performance and education in the world of music. With her deep-rooted passion for the oboe and English horn, Susan’s artistry has graced prestigious stages both nationally and internationally. As an artist, she embodies a commitment to excellence and innovation while consistently pushing the boundaries of her craft. Her captivating performances and visionary teaching approach exemplify the essence of a Fox Artist, leaving a profound impact on the double reed world.

Susan’s reputation as a performer extends to esteemed musical events and venues including the International Double Reed Society and she currently serves as Acting English Hornist and Assistant Principal Oboist of the Columbus Symphony. As an avid commissioner, Susan has commissioned, premiered and recorded innovative solo, electronic and chamber compositions for oboe and English horn by renowned composers such as Brian Cherney, Nancy Galbraith, Brooke Joyce, John Lato, Matt McCabe, Nathan Hudson, Alyssa Morris, James Ogburn, and Bruce Pennycook, among others.

As a registered yoga teacher, Susan is dedicated to promoting the health and wellness of musicians and teaches ‘Yoga for Performers’ at the Schwob School. In her ‘spare’ time, she is active as a swimmer, hiker, dog walker, and keeper of chicken and bees.

Check out Susan’s personal website to find out more.

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