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Master of Education - Columbus State University

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Master of Education

Program Description

The M.Ed. in Accomplished Teaching is an online degree offered cooperatively by Columbus State University, Georgia Southern University, and Valdosta State University, all fully accredited institutions in the University System of Georgia. The 36-hour program is based on the new Curriculum and Instruction standards developed by the Georgia Professional Standards Commission. The new standards include Knowledge of Curriculum, Instruction, Content, Students, Research, Assessment, and Professionalism. This innovative degree program provides advanced professional and pedagogical studies that develop expertise in the knowledge and skills of accomplished teachers. The degree emphasizes application of acquired knowledge and skills in the teacher's classroom and school.

This program is approved by the Georgia Professional Standards Commission as a program leading to certification in Curriculum and Instruction.

Additional program information can be found on the CSU Department of Teacher Education website.

Career Opportunities

Upon successful completion of the M.Ed. program, the candidate may apply for teacher certification at the advanced professional level.

Admission Requirements

  • Minimum grade point average (GPA) of 2.75 on all undergraduate work at an accredited United States institution in fulfillment of the requirements for a baccalaureate degree.
  • Applicants must hold one of the following:
    • A current induction certificate that meets pathway 1,2, or 3 in any field in the State of Georgia
    • A current professional teaching certificate in any field in the State of Georgia
Note: If you have never taken an online class at CSU, you will need to complete the Smarter Measure Assessment before you can register for classes. You can access the survey by going to Under the Resources tab, click Smarter Measure Assessment, and follow the directions. The user id is csuready and the password is cougars. Students will be identified by their CougarNet email address.

Learning Outcomes

Graduates will:
  • Demonstrate advanced ability to design, implement, and evaluate curriculum that promotes student learning.
  • Demonstrate advance ability to plan, implement, and evaluate instruction to facilitate student learning.
  • Demonstrate advanced depth and breadth of knowledge and skills in the academic discipline and pedagogy.
  • Demonstrate advanced knowledge of the student as influenced by cognitive, physical, emotional, social, cultural, environmental, and economic factors.
  • Demonstrate the ability to use research to promote student learning and to contribute to the teaching profession.
  • Demonstrate advanced knowledge of assessment and the ability to use multiple sources of assessment for maximizing student learning.
  • Demonstrate high standards for professional practice.

Additional Program Requirements

  • Students must earn a 3.0 GPA calculated on all graduate work attempted. "Academic Forgiveness" policy does not apply to graduate studies
  • Students cannot graduate with a grade of "C" or below in more than two (2) graduate courses
  • A minimum of 27 hours of the hours required for the degree must be earned in residence (75%). Asynchronous (online) and distance learning courses administered through Columbus State University constitute courses taken in residence
  • A maximum of nine (9) semester hours of transfer credit or courses taken at CSU prior to full admission to a masters degree program may be applied toward the degree. Courses with earned grades of "C" or below cannot be transferred. The student’s advisor and the coordinator of the program in which the student is enrolled must approve any courses transferred
  • All degree requirements must be completed within seven (7) years of first enrollment

Program of Study

Professional Education Core Required Hours: 9

EDAT 6159 Multicultural Studies across the Curriculum
EDAT 7100 Research Methodology in Education
EDAT 7133 Trends, Issues, and Research in Education

Curriculum and Instruction Core Required Hours: 18

EDAT 6000 Professional Decision Making
EDAT 6001 Using Assessment to Improve Teaching and Learning
EDAT 6115 Knowledge of Students and Their Learning
EDAT 6226 Curriculum Design for Student Achievement
EDAT 7131 Enhancing Student Performance
EDAT 7132 Framework for Teaching

Concentration Required Hours: 9
Approved Electives

Culminating Project (0 hrs) Required Hours: 0
EDAT 6010 Capstone Portfolio

Total hours: 36

Courses in the concentration are approved by the degree-offering institution and might include content courses (face-to-face or online) or other courses that might support a variety of fields of study (for example, instructional technology, special education, or reading). These courses may be used to further strengthen preparation in the teacher's area of certification.

Students may transfer in 9 hours (if approved).

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