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Master of Education in Special Education - General Curriculum - Columbus State University


Master of Education in Special Education - General Curriculum

For general degree requirements, see the College of Education and Health Professions and the General Degree Requirements pages.

Area 1 Professional Core Required Hours: 7
EDUF 6115 Educational Psychology: Achievement for Diverse Learners
EDUF 6116 Educational Research Methods
SPED 6126 Special Education Law for Educators

Area 2 Information Literacy and Technology Required Hours 6
SPED 6785 Acquisition and Analysis of Special Education Information
SPED 6786 Special Educator as User and Disseminator of Information

Area 3 Concentration Required Hours: 23
SPED 6125 Managing Students with Behavioral Problems
SPED 6189 Nature and Characteristics of Students with Mild/Moderate Disabilities
SPED 6265 Advanced Assessment of Exceptional Child/Youth
SPED 6269 Assistive Technology for Exceptional Learners
SPED 6295 Specific Strategies for Teaching Students with Mild/Moderate Disabilities
SPED 6419 Practicum in Mild and Moderate Disabilities
SPED 6796 Trends and Issues in Special Education

Choose one of the following courses:
EDRG 6148 Psychology of Reading: Understanding Readers and the Reading Process
EDRG 6245 Assessment and Classroom Instruction

Area 4 Other Requirements Required Hours: 0
EDUF 6000 Exit Exam

Total Hours Required: 36

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