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Master of Arts in Teaching - Early Childhood Education - Columbus State University


Master of Arts in Teaching - Early Childhood Education

For general degree requirements, see the College of Education and Health Professions and the General Degree Requirements pages.

Area 1 Professional Core Required Hours: 8
EDCI 6227 Foundations of Education: Human Development, Motivation & Learning
EDCI 6228 Foundations of Education: Special Education
EDUF 6116 Educational Research Methods

Area 2 Teaching Field Studies Required Hours: 29
EDEC 4217 Teaching Language Arts in ECE
EDEC 6156 Neurological, Psych., and Physiological Dev: Conception to Age 10
EDEC 6166 Assessment Methodologies, Instruments, and Procedures in ECE
EDEC 3256 Curriculum in Early Childhood
EDRG 3115 SBRR: Preparation for Teaching Reading
EDRG 4218 Reading in the Content Areas: Concentration in Social Studies
EDEC 4247 Diagnostic & Prescriptive Math Instruction
EDEC 6135 Methods & Materials for Teaching Science in ECE
EDEC 4105 Technology for the Twenty-First Century Classroom

Area 3 Professional Practice Required Hours: 8-12
EDCI 6698 Teaching Internship (2 semesters - 6 hrs.)
EDCI 6485 Student Teaching (one semester - 10 hrs.)

EDUF 6125 Classroom Management

Area 4 Elective Required Hours: 6
Choose one of the following 2 courses:
EDEC 6115 Literacy Education Across the Language Arts
EDEC 6116 Writing and the Young Child

Choose one of the following 2 courses:
EDEC 6125 Methods and Materials for Teaching Math in ECE
EDEC 6159 Creative Teaching in ECE

Area 5 Certification Requirements Required Hours: 0-12
(Required if not met in previous degree program)

MAED 5131G Algebra and Proportionality
MAED 5132G Data Analysis, Statistics, and Probability
MAED 5133G Geometry and Measurement

Note: For admission to the M.A.T. program, candidates must have a degree in an approved field (subject to transcript evaluation) and 25 semester hours of approved coursework with a grade of "C" or better.

Total Required Hours: 51-67

Note: Contact advisor for information about endorsements.

Virtual Advisor