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Doctor of Education in Curriculum and Leadership - Columbus State University


Doctor of Education in Curriculum and Leadership

For general degree requirements, see the College of Education and Health Professions and the General Degree Requirements pages.


Area 1 Required Hours: 15
EDHE 8722 Doctoral Seminar in Higher Education
EDUF 7118 Qualitative Research Methods
EDUF 8108 Applications of Neurological Research
EDUF 8126 Introduction to Statistical Methods in Education
EDUF 8127 Quantitative Experimental Research

Area 2 Specialization
Candidates choose one area of Specialization

Specialization Curriculum Required Hours: 21
EDCI 7158 Leadership in the Curriculum Change Process
EDCI 7159 Assessment in Teaching and Learning
EDCI 8555 Selected Topics in Education
EDUF 7115 Psychology of Teaching
9 hours of approved courses in discipline

Specialization Educational Leadership Required Hours: 21
EDUL 7105 The School Improvement Plan
EDUL 7107 School Reform and the Change Process
EDUL 7698 Internship
EDUL 7794 Policy, Law, and Ethics
EDUL 7797 Budget Alignment to School System Mission
EDUL 7899 Independent Study

Specialization Higher Education Required Hours: 21
EDHE 8101 Introduction to Higher Education
EDHE 8102 Academic Affairs
EDHE 8110 Policy and Politics of Higher Education
EDHE 8112 Higher Education Student Services
EDHE 8123 Research in Higher Education
EDHE 8125 Educational Evaluation
EDHE 8203 Finance and Administrative Affairs

Area 3 Dissertation Required Hours: 12
EDUF 8129 Developing the Dissertation Proposal
EDUF 8999 Dissertation

Area 4 Electives Required Hours: 15
Approved courses in discipline

Area 5 Exit Requirements Required Hours: 0

Total Required Hours: 63

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