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Bachelor of Science in Education - Special Education - General Curriculum - Reading Concentration - Columbus State University


Bachelor of Science in Education - Special Education - General Curriculum - Reading Concentration

For general degree requirements, see the College of Education and Health Professions and the General Degree Requirements pages.

Area A Essential Skills Required Hours: 9
ENGL 1101 (with a grade of "C" or better)
ENGL 1102 (with a grade of "C" or better)
Select one of the following courses:

MATH 1001
MATH 1101
MATH 1111
MATH 1113
MATH 1125
MATH 1131

Area B Institutional Options Required Hours: 4-5
COMM 1110
Select two of the following courses:

ITDS 1125
ITDS 1779
ITDS 2726
ITDS 2727
ITDS 2735
ITDS 2746
ITDS 2748
ITDS 2749
ITDS 2755

Select one of the following courses:

EURO 2105
LEAD 1705
LIBR 1105
POLS 2401
HIST 1111
HIST 1112

Foreign Language 1001, 1002, 2001, or 2002
Any Area C-E course with a study abroad component.

Note: the extra hour may be used as an elective.

Area C Humanities/Fine Arts/Ethics Required Hours: 6
Select one of the following humanities courses:

ENGL 2111
ENGL 2112
ITDS 1145*
ITDS 1155
ITDS 2125
PHIL 2010

Select one of the following fine arts courses:

ARTH 1100
ITDS 1145*
MUSC 1100
THEA 1100

*ITDS 1145, though listed under both humanities and fine arts, may be taken only once.

Area D Science/Math/Technology Required Hours: 10-11
Select one science course with a lab; the other course may be lab or non-lab:

ANTH 1145 (no lab)
ASTR 1105/1305 (lab optional)
ASTR 1106/1305
BIOL 1215K (lab included)
BIOL 1125 (no lab)
BIOL 1225K (lab included)
CHEM 1151/1151L
CHEM 1152/1152L
CHEM 1211/1211L
CHEM 1212/1212L
ENVS 1105/1105L (lab optional)
ENVS 1205K
GEOL 1110 (no lab)
GEOL 1112/1112L
GEOL 1121 (lab included)
GEOL 1122/1322
GEOL 2225 (lab included)
PHYS 1111/1311
PHYS 1112/1312
PHYS 1125/1325 (lab optional)
PHYS 2211/2311
PHYS 2212/2312

Select one of the following courses or a science course from above:

CPSC 1105
CPSC 1301/1301L
GEOG 2215
MATH 1113
MATH 1125
MATH 1131
MATH 1132
MATH 1165
MATH 2125
PHIL 2500
STAT 1127

Area E Social Sciences Required Hours: 12
Select one course from the following two courses:
HIST 2111
HIST 2112
Take the following course:
POLS 1101
Select one behavioral science course from the following courses:

ECON 2105
ECON 2106
PHIL 2030
PSYC 1101
SOCI 1101

Select one world cultures course from the following courses:

ANTH 1105
ANTH 1107
ANTH 2105
ANTH 2136
ENGL 2136
GEOG 1101
HIST 1111
HIST 1112
ITDS 1146
ITDS 1156

Wellness Requirement Required Hours: 3
PHED 1205
Select any one MSAL 4419.

Area F Courses Related to Major Required Hours: 18

EDUC 2110 Critical Issues in Education
EDUC 2120 Diversity in Educational Contexts
EDUC 2130 Exploring Learning and Teaching
SPED 2155 Nat/Charact of Mild/Mod Dis
SPED 2256 Intro to the Excep Learner in Gen Ed
SPED 2405 Classroom Practicum in Mild/Mod
Select one semester hour of advisor approved electives

Area G Program Requirements Required Hours: 60

SPED 2255 Comm Arts/Lang Dev for Child w/Dis.
SPED 3215 Assessment and RX in Special Ed
SPED 3225 Teaching Math in Special Education
SPED 3275 Behavior Mgmt for Students w/Dis
SPED 4105 Tech Adapt. for Except. Learners
SPED 4216 Teaching Soc. Stud. & Science
SPED 4225 Collaboration & Consultation
SPED 4236 Nat/Meth of Tchg Gifted Learners
SPED 4245 Meth/Materials in Mild & Mod
SPED 4406 Teaching Practicum in Gifted
SPED 4407 Teaching Pract. In Mild/Mod Dis
EDRG 3215 Teaching Children to Read
EDRG 4219 Diagnostic and Prescriptive Reading Instruction
EDRG 5115 Word Perception and Vocabulary Development in Grades 4-12
EDRG 5217 Teach Read & Writing in Grade 4-12
EDUF 4205 Integrating Technology

Student Teaching Experience
EDUF 4115 Classroom Management
SPED 4485 Student Teaching

Total Hours Required: 123

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