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Graduate Orientation - Columbus State University

Graduate School

Graduate Orientation

Welcome to the Columbus State University Graduate Student Orientation! By completing it, you are on step closer to starting classes. This online orientation is designed to ensure that you receive the information you need to be successful at CSU and to introduce you to services and programs that will enhance your graduate education

Important Information (for students needing to have a registration hold removed):

  • You will need to complete the orientation prior to registering for your classes. Completion of the orientation will automatically release a hold allowing you to register.
  • The orientation may only be accessed using a browser supported by CSU (Chrome, IE, Firefox). Safari is known not to work.
  • Each of the modules must be completed in the order in which they appear, including the quizzes that follow two of the modules. The next module will appear in RED.
  • The orientation will take approximately 30 minutes to complete. You may stop at any point, and when you return, pick it up at the same point you left off.
  • Much of the information contained in the orientation will be valuable to you later. For this reason, you will have an option to download some of it. You will also be able to return to the orientation later in the term and access individual modules without having to go through them in order.

To begin the orientation:

  • Log in to MyCSU. (You must be logged in under the CSU domain.)
  • Click the "Student" tab
  • Click "Student Records"
  • Under the Admissions section, click "Graduate Online Orientation."

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