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Pasaquan wall painted in bright colors

Resident Artist Program

Through our Resident Artist Program, we support artists in creating new works inspired by Pasaquan and St. EOM, many of which evolve into performances or exhibitions.

An example of our interdisciplinary approach is "Eddie's Stone Song," the inaugural Pasaquoyan Opera composed by our resident artist James Ogburn, drawing inspiration from St. EOM's life in New York. This opera premiered at the visionary site over two evenings, both of which were sold out with over 470 guests. Subsequently, it traveled with the St. EOM exhibition to the Atlanta Contemporary Art Center and later to Kansas State University.

The artist residency at Pasaquan is deeply rooted in St. EOM's enduring influence in the art world, Artists hailing from diverse corners of the world, including Sweden, Australia, Brazil, NYC, and LA, have made pilgrimages to Pasaquan, drawing profound inspiration from St. EOM's creative legacy.

Pasaquan serves as a nurturing ground for emerging artistic voices, providing a space where St. EOM's forward-thinking ideas continue to fuel new perspectives and understanding of LGBTQ+ concepts within the visual arts. The artist residency program celebrates St. EOM's substantial contribution to American art, honoring his vision for a utopian world and a brighter future. Through this platform, we actively strive to carry forward his legacy, fostering creativity and artistic exploration inspired St. EOM's vision.

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For any inquiries or to submit an application for the Pasaquan Residency, please contact Mike McFalls at and include "Pasaquan Residency" in the subject line.

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