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Pasaquan wall painted in bright colors

Pasaquan Projects

A Circle of Atoms – Institute 193

Columbus State University and the Pasaquan Preservation Society, in collaboration with Institute 193, are pleased to announce the release of A Circle of Atoms: the Pasaquan Sessions, a limited-edition vinyl record of songs performed at Eddie Owens Martin’s Pasaquan last July.

Every spring, musicians from across the United States gather at St. EOM’s Pasaquan near Buena Vista, Georgia for Pasafest, a music festival celebrating the life and work of the artist Eddie Owens Martin. Given the impossibility of a live event last year, the Pasaquan Preservation Society and Columbus State University decided to invite eight musical groups to record an album at the historic site, channeling the legacy and good vibes of the self-dubbed saint. The result is The Pasaquan Sessions, a full-length LP, recorded over the course of three days in July 2020 and featuring songs by Robert Lee Coleman, Lonnie Holley, Exotic Bird Hunter, James Husband, Chickasaw Mudd Puppies, Nikki Speake, Crispin Wah, and Jim White.

The project serves as a decentralized version of Pasafest, an open-air concert and festival celebrating St. EOM’s legacy that typically takes place once a year at the historic site. Pasafest was created to highlight the art and culture of the Southeastern United states, highlighting musicians from the region as well as visual artists known for their self-taught styles. With the creation of this record, we hope to transport you to Pasaquan in spirit, and give everyone a slice of Pasafest to enjoy at home.

Released July 30, 2021.


Pasafest is an annual arts and music festival that commemorates the life and work of the renowned artist, Eddie Owens Martin. The festival takes place at Pasaquan, a visionary art site in Buena Vista, Georgia, that Martin created and curated over several decades. Visitors to the festival can explore the vibrant and eclectic collection of brightly painted buildings, sculptures, and murals that adorn the site's seven-acre compound. Pasafest offers a unique opportunity to experience Pasaquan's immersive environment and learn firsthand about Martin's artistic vision. The festival features a diverse range of musical performances and artists. In addition to the artistic and cultural offerings, Pasafest provides a family-friendly atmosphere for of all ages. With its welcoming and inclusive atmosphere, Pasafest is an excellent opportunity to connect with other art and music enthusiasts and discover the magic of Pasaquan.

The Poets and Writers at Pasaquan

The Poets and Writers at Pasaquan event pays homage to the enduring legacy of visionary artist St. EOM. His profound influence resonates deeply among contemporary artists, writers, poets, and musicians. By celebrating St. EOM's vibrant vision manifested through Pasaquan, we honor not just the artist's legacy but a transcendent spirit whose enlightened dream continues to inspire all who seek a more inclusive, harmonious world. This gathering allows modern poets and writers to actualize St. EOM's utopian ideals, collectively attempting to further his indelible imprint on American art and culture through their words and works.

Tedeschi Trucks Band

In 2022, the Tedeschi Trucks Band filmed I Am the Moon, a multi-part music and film project at Pasaquan. The project was inspired by a mythic Persian tale of star-crossed lovers and was emotionally driven by the isolation and disconnection of the pandemic era. I Am The Moon consists of more than two hours of music and video. "Pasaquan" is an instrumental track from I Am the Moon: III that stands out as an extended jam, showcasing the band's exceptional musicianship. The song is named after the visionary art site. The instrumental nature of the track allows the band to explore and express the mystical and psychedelic influences that align with the themes of Pasaquan's art. The complex interplay of guitars, keyboards, and the rhythm section in "Pasaquan" captures the vibrant and eclectic spirit of the art environment, echoing its bold colors and intricate designs.

Z.E.R. O.

Pasaquan, inspired a whimsical musical odyssey. Titled "Z.E.R.O.," this interdisciplinary project lead by Craig Dongoski, Stuart Gerber, Neill Prewitt, and Travis Dodd manifests as a double LP/CD release. It features interconnected yet distinct live performances by student ensembles from Georgia State University and Columbus State University. ZERO's music belongs in the experimental/improvisational/found sound category. Mostly quiet and contemplative, the recording consists of analog and digital sounds and vocals, performed live in accordance with prescribed themes or frameworks and in specified sites at Pasaquan and a recital space in Atlanta. This auditory exploration pays tribute to St. EOM's boundless creativity while injecting Pasaquan's imaginative spirit into innovative new artistic expressions.

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