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Columbus State University

In-State Tuition for Alabama Undergrads

Just across the Chattahoochee River, your CSU adventure awaits!

Full-time tuition as low as $3,667 per semester*

Compared to many of Alabama's regional four-year universities, CSU's full-time in-state tuition is 25% less per semester.

*Includes 15+ credit hours and fees. Excludes housing, and meal plan costs.

Creativity is at the heart of a Columbus State education.

We’ll help you build and flex your creative muscles — in the arts, business, health sciences, sciences, education, or technology fields. Find out what our nearly 8,000 students and more than 30,000 graduates already know: a CSU degree tells future employers you’re the problem-solver they need — and the world requires.

Create your success story.


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Create You at CSU