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2003-2004 Academic Catalog

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 Updates to Catalog

Date Change Made Description of the Change
04/14/08 Corrected course number for ANTH 1107 (previously 1106).
06/07/04 1. BM Performance - Instrumental Track. Removed MUSC 1090 from Area F.

2. BM Music Education - Choral. Corrected Area H hours and total hours.

3. BM Music Education - Instrumental. Removed MUSC 1090 from Area F. Corrected Area H hours and total hours.
03/01/04 Updated admissions link for International Students.
10/07/03 Added new admissions requirements, effective October 1, 2003, for Entering Freshmen.
10/07/03 Added new admissions requirements, effective October 1, 2003, for Entering Freshmen.
10/06/03 Corrected the course number for Graduate Lecture Recital from MUSA 7000 to MUSA 7105.
09/30/03 Corrected the course number for The Electronic Writer from ENGL 3255 to ENGL 3176.
09/10/03 Moved the Associate in Science (AS) in General Studies degree from the College of Arts and Letters to University College.  Changed advising information to read, "Academic advising for this program is provided in the Center for Academic Support and Student Retention."  Degree requirement information updated and page renamed:
09/08/03 Added information about Alternative Regents' Test.
07/28/03 Change to equivalency: CPSC 1105 and CISM 2105 are equivalent courses.
06/03/03 "Quantitative" information about Satisfactory Academic Progress under the Financial Aid section has been changed. The statement "Students admitted on transfer probation and students reinstated from academic exclusion are not eligible for state or federal aid the term of admission or reinstatement" has been removed.
05/23/03 Grades averaged in the GPA added to the Graduate Academic Regulations section.
05/02/03 Change to Regents' Test Program:  Scores on nationally administered standardized tests may also be used to fulfill Regents' Test requirements.
04/23/03 Corrections made to TOEFL requirement for undergraduate and graduate applicants whose native language is not English.
03/07/03 Corrections made to course requirements for MS, Applied Computer Science and BS, Applied Computer Science degrees.
03/13/03 Corrections made to course description and prerequisite for CPSC 6126.
03/05/03 Correction made to undergraduate Procedures for Academic Appeal.


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