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Columbus State University 2013-2018 Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan


Explanation of the New Vision Statement:

Columbus State University ("CSU") has improved its reputation for undergraduate education in the last few decades, as evidenced by its recent recognition in the 2013 U.S. News & World Report rankings as one of the top 50 public regional universities in the South. Our long-term goal is to continue to make improvements and become a "first choice" institution that attracts academically-engaged students who are looking for challenging programs and a vibrant campus culture. We believe that the largest contributors to CSU's improved reputation have been its focus on teaching excellence, experiential learning, cultural enrichment opportunities, and public-private partnerships. This new vision is designed to move CSU to the next level by focusing on its strengths and making improvements in key success areas in order to create an educational experience that is exceptional in its value when compared to other institutions. Student success is an important part of this strategic vision. Faculty and student engagement have a significant impact on student success, so they are key to this plan. Faculty engagement includes activities that impact research and creative inquiry, faculty/student interaction, internal/external collaboration, and service activities.

Becoming a "first choice" institution requires developing a vibrant, globally-connected campus culture. Student engagement not only increases student success, but it is also a necessary ingredient to a vibrant campus culture. Student engagement includes student participation in research and creative projects, cultural enrichment activities, living/learning communities, service projects and activities, and professional and social organizations and activities. Maintaining a vibrant campus culture also requires a focus on in-demand and/or cutting edge degree programs (such as those in the STEM disciplines, healthcare, education, and business). Additionally, it is important that graduates understand the impact that organizations have on the external environment since environmental sustainability is not just a local issue – it is also a pressing global issue. It is clear that in today's environment successful graduates will need exposure to global issues which includes an appreciation of different cultures. The rapid increase in the global mobility of students, services, and trade necessitates a continued focus on international education and study abroad programs. Students should be involved and engaged not only with the local campus community, but also with our international community.


Explanation of the New Mission Statement:

Consistent with the University System of Georgia's mission, CSU's primary mission is to empower its stakeholders to make a contribution to society. The University's stakeholders include its faculty, staff, students, alumni, and our local and global communities. Academic excellence has always been an important part of CSU's mission. It includes a focus on teaching excellence, research and creative inquiry, and faculty and student engagement. In addition to academic excellence, we will continue to focus on skills that encourage life-long learning, including communication (written and oral), critical problem-solving, and critical thinking. Clearly, CSU's key differentiating strengths are its public-private partnerships and its experiential and cultural enrichment opportunities, which include its global learning communities, cultural enrichment programs and activities, service learning activities, study abroad and undergraduate research opportunities. We will continue to focus and build on these strengths. Our six core values remain and they are as follows:

  • Excellence: Commitment to best practices in teaching and learning, scholarship and creative activity, student engagement, cultural enrichment and campus environment
  • Engagement: Active civil participation by students, faculty and staff in the university experience
  • Creativity: The pursuit of distinction through inquiry and innovation, challenging convention and focusing on solutions
  • Servant Leadership: Effective, ethical leadership through empowerment and service
  • Inclusion: Fostering and promoting a campus that embraces diverse people, ideas, views, and practices
  • Sustainability Commitment to behaviors that recognize and respect our environmental context