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Annette Ernest

Meet our Wedding Consultant, Annette Ernest!

A wedding is a celebration of love, and Annette Ernest specializes in making each event truly unforgettable. She brings more than 30 years of wedding and floral design experience to the table, helping couples alleviate the stress of piecing together a beautiful ceremony. Whether you're looking for prices for one of our venues or interested in her wedding planning services, Annette is here to help!

  Give us a call! (706) 568-5101

The Simple But Sweet Wedding Package

There’s beauty in simplicity. Our "Simple but Sweet" Wedding Package is a scaled-down celebration of love, giving couples a place to celebrate their wedding with their closest friends or family without the stress (or price tag) of planning a large, elaborate ceremony.

The standard $1,200 Package Includes:

Upgrades available for those wanting a bit extra time or a few extra guests! Give us a call and let's start planning!

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