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Catering Policy - Columbus State University

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Catering Policy

ARAMARK Food Service is the exclusive caterer for Columbus State University. This policy applies to all catered events in facilities owned or leased by the University.

Information on catering, menus, and pricing may be obtained by contacting the CSU Catering Manager at 706-507-8372 or online at


  1. When an outside caterer donates all of the food and service (applies only to non-profit organizations, e.g. Chamber of Commerce lunches)
  2. When food is purchased and served by a student group or department. This policy applies only to catered events.
  3. Aramark may sub-contract with outside caterers where schedule, venue, or other factors warrant.

Requirements of Outside Caterers

  1. Outside caterer must provide proof of Liability Insurance, a Business License, a Catering License, and if applicable, an Alcohol License.
  2. Outside caterer presentation standards:
    1. No “drop and go” meals
    2. Caterer attendant must be on duty during event
    3. Buffet tables must be skirted and covered
    4. Banquet tables must be covered
    5. Warm buffet foods must be presented in chafing dishes
    6. Caterer is responsible for providing trash bags and for removing all catering-related food and trash from the premises.
    7. Caterer is responsible for kitchen and catering hallway cleanup.
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