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2020 Recognition Awards Program - Columbus State University

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Student Affairs

2020 Recognition Awards Program

Most Outstanding Student Leader

The most outstanding Student Leader Award is presented to two student leaders who have been nominated by a staff member at CSU. These students have a GPA above 2.5 and have worked within a department for at least one semester. These nominees possess traits including leadership and interpersonal skills, campus involvement, and commitment to their position. The recipients of the Most Outstanding Student Leader Award will receive the opportunity to shadow an Administrator of their choice.

Nina Rollins
Adam Yelkovich
Arlyn Hott

New Professional Award

The New Professional Award is presented to the most driven and productive new employee hired within the last two years. Showing expertise in their field, exceptional customer service, and team mentality, this recipient will receive a 1 year membership to Young Professionals.

Kaitlan Beaulieu - Center for Accommodation & Access

Customer Service Award

The Customer Service Award is presented to the individual that exhibit the most customer and student-friendly personality. This individual exhibits excellent customer service in responding to students, parents, and peers in a timely and courteous manner; solving customer service problems/concerns quickly and innovatively; developing new ways to benefit students and parents while promoting the mission of the Division of Student Affairs.

Chloe McArdle - Residence Life

Campus Compact Award

The Campus Compact Award is given to an individual who demonstrates interdepartmental and campus support. This individual communicates and collaborates within their department, Student Affairs, the CSU campus, and local community. The recipient of this award will receive the rotating Campus Compact Award and present the trophy to next year’s recipient.

Sarah Secoy - Residence Life

Cougar Genius Award

The Cougar Genius Award is given to three departments who have implemented programs within the academic year that demonstrate student participation and components that assist within retention or graduation. This plaque will be displayed in the Vice President of Student Affairs office each year. This year we are able to recognize three programs ranked by Gold, Silver, and Bronze levels.

Gold: Center for Accommodation and Access, Dining in the Dark
Silver: Fraternity & Sorority Life Programs
Bronze: Student Life & Development, Student Activities Council

Above and Beyond the Call of Duty Award

Above and Beyond the Call of Duty Award is presented to a professional staff member who has exceeded the expectations of what is in his or her job description. This recipient has served CSU for at least 3 years, excels in job performance, and significantly contributes to CSU’s mission. The recipient will also receive sponsored attendance to the Jim Blanchard Leadership Forum.

Ellen McDaniel - Student Health Center

Peer to Peer Recognition

The Peer to Peer Recognition award will be presented to team members in the division who have made an impact on another team members professional life. An individual can nominate another staff member that they feel is the most deserving of recognition for the year.

Lauren Jones McKown recognized Dana Larkin
Michelle Dorrill recognized Roger Page
Theresa Willey recognized Libby Smith

New Professional Institute Award

NPI is the preeminent professional development opportunity for new Student Affairs professionals in the south. NPI is an intensive, interactive week of learning, sharing, networking, and professional and personal development. This unique opportunity allows new professionals to draw on their first years of experience to improve their effectiveness and to learn from others. It is a time of professional and personal renewal and assists new professionals in the development of their careers.

Lauren Davis - Student Recreation Center

Mid-Manager Institute Award

MMI is a unique professional development experience presented by a partnership between SACSA and NASPA Region III. It offers an opportunity for mid-level professionals to enhance and develop the skills, relationships, and dispositions that distinguish them in the profession and enable them to make more meaningful contributions to the people and programs they serve.

Lashica Thomas- Student Recreation Center

CSU Commitment Award

The CSU Commitment Award recognizes any staff member within Student Affairs that has served CSU for a minimum of 5, 10, or 20 years.

Recognized for 5 years of Service

Christopher Bedford
Christy Cook
Danielle Edmonds
Scott Lundgren
Bailey Pattillo
Maria Lowry

Recognized for 10 years of Service

Adam Gillette
Jon Erickson

Recognized for 20 years of Service

Cheryl Yatsko
Jason Youngblood

Thank You to the Committee:

Dr. Melissa Dempsey
Chloe McArdle
Lashica Thomas
Marie Grandison
Dana Larkin
William Keen

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