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Columbus State University 2013-2018 Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan

Strategic Focus #2

Priority #1:

Sustain the University's growth by focusing resources in areas with strong potential based on emerging opportunities

Recommended strategies:

  • Increase the relevance, efficiency, and value of degree programs through interdisciplinary collaboration and credentialing options (e.g., minors, certificates, endorsements)B-1
  • Provide support to sustain innovative and grant-funded programs that prove successfulB-1,16
  • Explore programs that support growth areas:
    • Increase funding, resources, and support for graduate programs and for faculty who teach graduate coursesB-7,15
    • Maximize faculty expertise and commitment through increased funding for new endowed positions in growth areas
    • Increase funding for student scholarships in growth areasB-3

Benchmark measures related to Strategic Focus #2, Priority #1:
Benchmarks #1, 3, 7, 15-16

Priority #2:

Improve faculty/staff retention, job satisfaction, and productivity

Recommended strategies:

  • Embrace and expand opportunities for broad-based shared governance through implementation of the policy proposed by the Shared Governance Task ForceB-16
  • Achieve competitive salaries for faculty and staff to retain a strong, diverse and versatile workforceB-8,11,16
  • Recognize faculty/staff performance and achievements, and develop a program to support faculty applications for state, regional and national awardsB-16,17
  • Develop a policy to return a share of indirect grant funds to facultyB-17
  • Balance instructional, service, and research loads to enhance faculty productivityB-1,11,16

Benchmark measures related to Strategic Focus #2, Priority #2:
Benchmarks #1, 8, 11, 16-17

Priority #3:

Improve stewardship through leadership in sustainability programs, the efficient use of resources, and external partnerships

Recommended strategies:

  • Develop an infrastructure to coordinate and implement a sustainability master planB-19
  • Encourage the use of mass transit or alternative commute options (for students, faculty, and staff)B-18
  • Integrate sustainability in the curriculum
  • Develop an incentive program to reward individuals for new ideas to increase resource efficiencies within the UniversityB-17
  • Promote faculty research and expertise that builds relationships within the University's local, regional, national and global communitiesB-3,9,16
  • Expand alumni engagement
  • Encourage public/private partnerships and outreach programs that focus on mutually beneficial exchangesB-1,14,16

Benchmark measures related to Strategic Focus #2, Priority #3:
Benchmarks #1, 3, 9, 14, 17-19