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Main Campus Housing Options - Columbus State University

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Main Campus Housing Options

The CSU Main Campus Housing comprises of 3 Residential Areas; Clearview Hall and The Courtyard at CSU. Each of which provides our students with a safe living learning environment that will help student be successful in their academic endeavors and create lift long friendships and memories.

Clearview Hall

Located on Main Campus, Clearview Hall is a traditional style Freshman dorm. This new facility is complete with common areas, study rooms, game rooms, laundry rooms, and kitchen areas.

Clearview Hall Pictures and Floor Plans >>

The Courtyard at CSU

Located on Main Campus, The Courtyard is dedicated to upperclassmen. These apartment-style facilities are fully furnished with a common area and full kitchens.

The Courtyard at CSU Pictures and Floor Plans >>

Comparisons of Main Campus Student Housing

Accommodations Available Clearview Hall The Courtyard
Private Apartment (1/1) No No No
Private Bedroom/ Private Bath (4/4) No Yes (limited) No
Private Bedroom/ Private Bath (2/2) No No Yes
Private Bedroom/ Shared Bath (4/2) No Yes Yes
Private Bedroom/Shared Bathroom (3/2) No No Yes
Shared Bedroom/ Shared Bath (2/2) Yes No No

Note: First number within parentheses indicates number of bedrooms in unit. Second number within parentheses indicates number of bathrooms in unit.

Amenities Available Clearview Hall The Courtyard
Furnished Yes Yes Yes
Clubhouse/Indoor Recreation Area Yes Yes Yes
Free Laundry/Web Laundry View Yes Yes Yes
Free Shuttle Access Yes Yes Yes
Sand Volleyball Court No Yes No
Full Kitchen No Yes Yes
Extended Cable TV Yes Yes Yes
High-speed Internet Yes Yes Yes
All utilities included Yes Yes Yes
Pest Control Yes Yes Yes
Property Gate No Yes No
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