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Faculty in Residence - Columbus State University

Residence Life

Faculty in Residence

Position Overview

The Faculty in Residence (FIR) program is sponsored by the Department of Residence Life at Columbus State University and is an integral component in the success of both the department and Columbus State University students. The FIR program aims to increase meaningful interactions between faculty and students inside the Residential Communities. The FIR position is an asset in creating a living-learning centered atmosphere where our students feel comfortable and engaged. The FIR will work with the Residence Life staff to provide a supportive environment where students can grow, both personally and professionally. The Faculty in Residence is a live-on position. An apartment will be provided to the FIR on either CSUs Main or RiverPark Campus, depending on which location they have been selected to serve as the Faculty in Residence.


  • To support the academic mission of Columbus State university and the vision of the Department of Residence Life.
  • To increase faculty presence, academic engagement, and role modeling in the residence halls.
  • To create meaningful programs that promote student learning and community building.
  • To engage faculty and students in intellectual, social, and cultural development through activities and programs.
  • To serve as an ambassador to assist in creating and strengthening relationships between the Department of Residence Life and Academic Affairs.
  • To promote community and personal development for residents living in the residential community.


The Faculty in Residence position must meet the following minimum qualifications:

  • Be a full time, contracted, faculty member at Columbus State University.
  • Be a tenured or tenure-track faculty member.
  • Be a full-time employee at CSU for a minimum of one (1) year.
  • Available to interact with students, staff, and other faculty members.
  • Agree to reside in an on-campus apartment provided by the Department of Residence Life.

Preferred qualifications may include:

  • Have an awareness of, and experience with student learning, student development theory, and student leadership development.
  • Previous experience working with undergraduate students in a residential setting.


Expectations for the Faculty in Residence include:

  • Maintain a high level of visibility and availability to students within the residential community. This could be done via a number of means, including attending residential life programs.  
  • Collaborate with Residence Life student and professional staff for programming, with a minimum of 2 programs, academic sessions, events, community service projects, etc. per month that complement the individual interests of the FIR
  • Participate in Residence Life events such as student staff training, move-in day events, welcome week programming, experience trips, and other Residence Life signature programs.
  • Assist in presenting a topic during Fall and Spring semester student staff training.  
  • Promote academic engagement opportunities to residents in the residential community.
  • Serve as a catalyst to involve other faculty members in residential hall activities.
  • Develop and maintain a positive working relationship with the Department of Residence Life staff and other Faculty in Residence.
  • Maintain an open and active communication with Residence Life professional staff, and student staff.


  • Attend Residence Life staff meetings at a minimum of one per month.
  • Communicate and meet with the Residence Life Coordinator overseeing the residential community in which the FIR resides. The FIR will be expected to provide updates on student interactions and upcoming programs.
  • Summary of FIR activities, submitted monthly
  • Provide an end of year report regarding Faculty in Residence goals and accomplishments (report due May 30).
  • Work with the Residence Life team regarding any residential concerns including move-in, move-out, facilities issues, policies, etc.

Resident Interaction:

Initiate informal and formal communications with students through interactions such as programs, emails, check-ins, meals, or one-on-one conversations.

  • Serve as a role model, mentor, advisor, and leader within the residential community.
  • Be available, approachable, and accessible to students.
  • Cultivate interactions with students that empower students to grow, both personally and professionally.

Suggested FIR Activities include, but are not limited to:

  • Create social or educational experiences for students living on campus
  • Coordinate a Community Service Project, either one-time or ongoing
  • Engage in tutoring efforts or academic assistance within the Residence Halls
  • Attend the Institute on the Curricular Approach, through ACPA, in coordination with Residence Life Staff to continue building the campus Residential Curriculum as associated with Momentum Year.  


The benefits package for the Faculty in Residence includes the following:

  • Furnished two (2) bedroom apartment, which includes all utilities, and internet paid for by the Department of Residence Life.
  • Meal plan to all university dining halls for the Fall and Spring semesters of their employment.
  • Reserved parking space near the residential community in which the Faculty in Residence serves.

Other benefits for the Faculty in Residence include:

  • Pet Policy: the Department of Residence Life allows all full-time live-in professional staff to have one (1) pet (either dog or cat) to reside in the apartment provided to them. The Faculty in Residence must follow all guidelines outlined in the Residence Life Pet Policy.
  • Programming Funds: The Faculty in Residence will be allocated programming funds to assist with programmatic efforts for students living in the residential community.

Terms of Service

The faculty member serving as the Faculty in Residence will sign an agreement for one academic year, with opportunity to renew the position for an additional one (1) year based on a mutual agreement between the Department of Residence Life and the faculty member. Collectively, the faculty member is eligible to serve in the Faculty in Residence role for up to two (2) additional years, totaling to three (3) years. 

The Faculty in Residence must comply with all University and Department policies for living on campus. The Faculty in Residence must maintain appropriate relationships and boundaries with students. The Department of Residence Life reserves the right to terminate this agreement should any issues arise concerning inappropriate or unethical behaviors.  The Department of Residence Life reserves the right to terminate this agreement when there is a demonstrated pattern of failing to meet the requirements of the position expectations. 

Should the Faculty in Residence leave or be released before the one (1) year agreement expires, they will be expected to vacate the apartment immediately. Should a Faculty in Residence agreement not be renewed for additional years, or if the Faculty in Residence has reached the end of their third year in the position, they will be expected to move out of the apartment by June 1st of the current year in order to ensure a smooth transition for the incoming Faculty in Residence. 

Submitting Application

To apply for the Faculty in Residence position, interested faculty members should submit the following documents to the Director of Residence Life (Scott Lundgren,, via email through the contact information listed below:

  • A cover letter stating your interest in becoming a Faculty in Residence. The letter of interest should address the following:
    • Why are you interested in the Faculty in Residence program?
    • Describe any co-curricular experiences in which you are currently engaged with students.
    • What special skills, qualities, or experiences do you have that might benefit you or be transferrable to the Faculty in Residence position?
    • As a Faculty in Residence, you would be expected to create programming that is guided by an interdisciplinary theme. What do you believe your interdisciplinary theme would encompass?
  • A current CV or resume.
  • A letter of recommendation from the faculty members' Department Chair.
  •  A letter of support from the faculty members' Dean.


Once an application is received, it will then be taken to the Faculty in Residence Search Committee for further review. If you have any questions about the position or the application process, please contact the Director of Residence Life (Scott Lundgren,


Timeline of Search: 

Priority Application Deadline: April 1, 2022

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